France the second time from the air attacked ISIS in Syria

French aircraft second time attacked positions of the terrorist group «Islamic state» in Syria. Currently along with the international coalition led by the USA, which includes France, the locations of ISIS on Syrian site bombed Russian planes in the part which began September 30, the air operation. However, U.S. authorities and NATO think that the priority for Russia is to support the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and supported the weakening of Washington’s opposition to the cap and not the fight against «Islamic state», writes

As reported on air of the radio Europe 1, the French Minister of defense Jean-Yves Le Drian, air strikes were made on the night of Friday, October 9, in ar Raqqah.

«Two Rafale aircraft bombed a training camp for militants IG. Tasks performed», — said the head of Department.

In addition, Le Drian commented on the military operation of the Russian Federation in Syria. The Minister stated that 80-90% of Russia’s military action in Syria is not directed against ISIS and the Assad regime. Le Drian said that the current Syrian President was guilty of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens of his country that he is the enemy of his people for many years, but still the main enemy for France in Syria remains «Islamic state».

For the first time the French air force bombed ISIS bases in Syria on the night of 27 September. Earlier, French planes attacked positions of the «Islamic state» in Iraq.

The number of terrorists in Syria opposing the Assad regime, is about 120 thousand people. An international coalition led by the U.S. at 420 days of its air operation against ISIS has caused, according to calculations of independent civil project Airwars, more than seven thousand strikes in Iraq and Syria. Of them in Syria — more than two thousand. This figure is 40 times more than the current successes of Russian aviation.

Now politicians and experts are actively discussing the Russian operation in Syria, its goals and possible consequences. Analysts have repeatedly expressed the assumption that, having proclaimed a course on the fight against «Islamic state», in fact the Russian Federation with the help of air strikes inflicted by trying to weaken the Syrian opposition and save the regime of Assad.

In particular, the NATO Secretary General expressed concern that the Russian side is mostly not bombed ISIS, and the areas captured by the opposition. Earlier the same was said by the U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter and the head of the press service of U.S. state Department John Kirby, who reported that allegedly more than 90% of Russia strikes deals not on IG, and the locations of the rebels. Similar statements voiced by the Turkish authorities, pointing out that Russia considers terrorists and attacks all opponents of the Assad regime, and Saudi Arabia.

The official version is that the Russian Federation in the first place «protecting the Russian people from the threat of terrorism», attacking the positions of the IG in Syria, favorable to the Russian leadership for several reasons: it gives the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the opportunity to emerge from international isolation after the Ukraine crisis, which, however, is not assured, and to approve the dominant position of Russia in the middle East, umalu the significance of the actions of the international coalition led by the United States. It should be noted that the U.S. state Department are similar: despite the fact that Syria is currently the leader in the media headlines, it does not mean that Washington turned a blind eye to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

In addition, opinion polls show that policies of the Russian leadership in Syria and supports the majority of Russians. Almost half is Russian for bombing aircraft towards the Syrian opposition.

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the serious negative consequences from operation of the Russian Federation in Syria. In particular, the journalists found out that a recent kick the Russian fleet from the Caspian sea on positions of the IG in the Arab Republic cost the Russian side in the amount of up to 1 billion rubles. Against this background, increased budget expenditures on the military, but the Russian authorities denied any connection of this circumstance with the situation in Syria. In addition, several terrorist groups have already started the war against Russia in Syria.

France the second time from the air attacked ISIS in Syria 09.10.2015

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