France is at war with terrorists, Hollande said

French President Francois Hollande said that the special operation in the Northern Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis confirms that his country is at war with terrorists who attacked her.

This statement on Wednesday, 18 November, he spoke at a meeting of all the French mayors of the Palace of Congresses in Paris, reports «UKRINFORM».

«Anti-terrorist operation in Saint-Denis has only confirmed that we are at war. This highly dangerous and complicated police operation aimed at neutralizing terrorists who are today hiding in Saint-Denis, and linked to terrorists, heinous criminals behind the firing on Friday,» — he stressed.

Hollande also urged mayors not to panic and not to use excessive pressure against ethnic or religious minorities.

«Neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Muslim speech should not be allowed», — he stressed.

According to Hollande, in this context, the Council of Ministers has developed and submitted to Parliament a bill.

The President also drew the attention of mayors on a thorough inspection of all refugees arriving in France.

The President also urged mayors to significantly strengthen local security service, which should enter into additional contracts, and assured that their actions will be «strengthened with additional resources.»

Recall that today the French police together with the army carried out special operation in which result three persons were lost, including one suicide bomber, seven suspects were arrested.

France is at war with terrorists, Hollande said 19.11.2015

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