France extended the state of emergency

In France, the deputies of the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) voted to extend the state of emergency imposed in the country after the November terrorist attacks last year, another three months — until may 26, reports channel BFMTV.

This decision was supported by 212 deputies, against have voted 31 MP. Last week in support of extending the state of emergency voted by the French Senate, said

The state of emergency was introduced in France, with the approval of Parliament after the Paris terrorist attacks 13 November 2015, when following the attacks by radical Islamists killed 130 people and several hundreds were injured. Special provision was originally established for 12 days, then extended for three months. Its validity was due to expire on 26 February.

The prospect of extending the state of emergency has been repeatedly criticized as representatives of right and left-wing political forces. According to opponents of such a step, further tightening of the security regime that limits the rights of citizens and public freedoms is unwarranted and inappropriate, reports TASS.

France extended the state of emergency 17.02.2016

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