France decided to penalize the clients of prostitutes

French deputies adopted the law, according to which the purchase of sexual services from now on is illegal, and the clients of prostitutes now faces a fine of 3750 euros.

It is reported «European true» with reference to AFP.

In addition to fines, convicted of buying sexual services will have to attend special seminars that tell about the poor conditions of workers in the sex industry.

The bill also provides for measures in the budget it is allocated 4,8 million Euro, which should help prostitutes find another job and provide for a six-month residence permit to foreign workers for sex.

In France, a predominantly right-wing senators opposed the law, which prescribes punishment in the form of a fine of 1,500 euros for the first violation and up to 3750 euros for repeated violations.

But after previous debates in both houses of Parliament were stalled in the lower house, dominated by the left, was adopted this law.

The members of the trade Union of workers of the sex industry Strass are confident that the new law will have a negative impact on the lives and incomes of prostitutes.

«We are already seeing the consequences. Those who can afford, have already left for neighbouring countries, while others are looking for… pimps, so as to be in contact with customers,» said the Union representative.

Critics also point to the difficulties that can arise when confirming payment for sex since money is usually pass from hand to hand.

In addition, it is unlikely it will be possible to detain those who order such services via the Internet.

In all European countries there is a punishment for pimping, and France will become only the fifth country that will punish the clients of prostitutes. Previously, such laws were adopted by Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the UK.

Recall that in late 2013 the national Assembly of France approved the law on prostitution which, in particular, provides for fines for clients of prostitutes. In favor of innovations voted 268 deputies of the lower house of Parliament, against – 138. Under the new law, for attempting to use paid sexual services of the French will face a fine of 1,500 euros. This is the minimum amount of the fine.

France decided to penalize the clients of prostitutes 07.04.2016

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