France closes its oldest nuclear power plant

France has made a key step to closing its oldest nuclear power plant Fessenheim, which is located in the Alsace region near the border with Germany and Switzerland. About it reports The Local France.

«This plant is very old, to as before to be in operation. That is why the Minister of the environment requires closure in the shortest possible time», — said the press Secretary of the Minister for the environment and nuclear safety.

As noted, the French state power company EDF approved the amount of compensation in the amount of 400 million euros for the closure of nuclear power plants. The closure of nuclear power plants with two reactors is part of a plan to significantly reduce the dependence of France on nuclear energy.

Nuclear power plant in Fessenheim has been in operation since 1977 and is located on the seismic fault line 100 km South of Strasbourg. French, German and Swiss environmentalists for many years have called for its closure, the newspaper writes.

Last year, Germany demanded France to close nuclear power plants after reports that the incident, which happened in 2014 was much more serious than officially reported. Then, because of flooding of the station employees were forced to use the emergency shutdown of the reactor.

France closes its oldest nuclear power plant 25.01.2017

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