Former Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation declared internationally wanted on charges of smuggling paintings

Former Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Kokh declared the Russian law enforcement bodies on the international wanted list on charges of smuggling Soviet painting Isaac Brodsky. According to informed sources, the politician arrested in absentia.

According to the interlocutor of «Interfax», Koch is charged with part 1 of article 226 of the criminal code («Contraband of cultural values»). «Koch in absentia preventive measure in the form of detention. Now organized by the international search of the accused,» said the source.

However in a press-service of Moscow city court the Agency announced that on Tuesday, February 16, will consider the complaint on the decision of the court of first instance on charges of smuggling paintings, which Koch started in April 2014. «On appeal the decision of the Lefortovo court of Moscow on election of a preventive measure», — said the employee of the court.

In November 2015 Koch announced in the Federal wanted list on charges of smuggling paintings. The decision of the FSB was preceded by two examination cloths, none of which, according to the former Deputy Prime Minister and his solicitor, does not confirm unambiguously the guilt of the policy.

At the same time «» reported that «the painting was purchased by Koch in 1999 in the gallery of the artist Aidan Salakhova for 55 thousand dollars.» In confirmation of the publication quoted the Salakhova: «The picture was a certificate. All knew it was Brodsky, and sold the painting as Brodsky. Koch knew all this, none of it didn’t hide it. He bought it for 55 thousand.»

In September of last year, Koh said that he was charged in absentia charged with smuggling paintings price by 197.4 thousand. Former Deputy Prime Minister claimed at that time that the author of the web during the expertise to install and failed.

In April 2014 Koh was stopped at Sheremetyevo airport while trying to take off to Germany, where he now lives, painting. The politician told that the withdrawn cloth bought his wife in 1990-ies. In Russia at Koch opened a criminal case on charges of smuggling.

The painting was a signature of the famous artist Isaak Brodsky. The canvas was attached the opinion of experts about its authenticity, although no information about where it came from and who previously owned. The experts also acknowledged that the signature was put on the canvas later.

When Koch tried to take the painting out of the country, the problems started. Customs officers Sheremetyevo airport have seized a picture and gave it for examination to the center Grabar. There admitted the picture was fake, but it didn’t stop there. The investigation was conducted another examination, which found the picture genuine.

According to Koch, a criminal case is directly linked to his oppositional political views.

Former Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation declared internationally wanted on charges of smuggling paintings 16.02.2016

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