Former Secretary of Joseph Goebbels died in Munich at the age of 106 years

A former employee of the Nazi administration brünnhilde Posel died in Munich at the age of 106 years. About it reports the Russian service of the BBC.

Pomsel was the personal Secretary of the chief ideologist of the Nazi party and propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. Only in old age she was willing to share memories about their work. Posel claimed that he knew nothing about the concentration camps and the Holocaust in General, when he worked at the post, and later, in her words, she was tormented by guilt.

According to Posel, Germany during the Third Reich lived «as if under a spell», and mass murder on racial grounds was a «closely guarded secret».

Already noting the centenary, Posel became the heroine of the documentary film «German life» by Christian Krenek.

In the film, among other things, drops the phrase «noble elegance» of the Minister of propaganda at work in the office.

«But in public speeches he pretended to be bursting with the fury of the dwarf,» adds the same Pomsel.

Have cranes congratulated her character on the phone in her last birthday — January 11, 2017.

The Director noted that the 106-year-old woman, even in this advanced age, retained a clear mind.

Pomsel was born in Berlin in 1911. According to her, the habit to obey it drove his father, a veteran of the First world war. Other factors that determined her fate, Posel calls the «frivolity of youth and the lack of attention to national Affairs».

In her youth, she worked in a clothing store owned by Jewish businessman, was also shorthand for a Jewish lawyer. She worked helping to write the memoirs of the Nazi writer wolf Bly. He helped her to get a job in the broadcasting Corporation, so it fell to the Secretariat by Goebbels.

«It was my destiny. One of us is in control of his destiny? Especially in times of such crisis,» she said in an interview.

Posel claimed to have maintained a relationship with his girlfriend-a Jew Eva Lowenthal, even when the government launched a campaign of persecution. The Secretary of Goebbels believed that the Jews deported to labor camps in the Sudetenland for the crimes committed.

«No one ever believes us. All think we knew everything. We didn’t know anything» — she says in the documentary.

Pomsel was the Secretary of Joseph Goebbels from 1942 until his suicide, committed with his wife and six children. Her duties included receiving phone calls, verbatim meetings, travel arrangements. Pomsel describes Goebbels as a courteous person with well manicured hands. According to her, her employer, and his wife Martha, was extremely polite and gentle with her, though somewhat arrogant. At the same time, says Posel in «German life», in public speeches, Goebbels turned from «noble elegance» in «raging midget».

In the last days of the war, when German defeat became inevitable, Posel along with other public officials sat on the floor in the propaganda Ministry, supporting himself with alcohol. Goebbels and his family were in the Fuhrerbunker. 30 April 1945 Hitler committed suicide. The following day, Goebbels and his wife poisoned their six children and committed suicide.

«I will never forgive Goebbels for what he has done with the world, and the fact that he killed his innocent children,» said Posel in one of his last interviews.

She, along with colleagues surrendered to the Soviet soldiers and spent five years in the camps. After returning it to retirement worked at the West German broadcasting company. Posel lived in the suburbs of Munich, never married and had no children.

Former Secretary of Joseph Goebbels died in Munich at the age of 106 years 30.01.2017

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