Former Putin confidant Igor Butman, the musician: If I had more money maybe I would go to the opposition

Russian playwright Ivan Vyrypaev should abandon public money, if he doesn’t like the style of government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed by Director of the Moscow jazz orchestra of Igor Butman in the comment «Russian service BBC».

«My orchestra since 2012 is a state, half of our budget comes from the Moscow government. Me to refuse the state money is not that difficult, I just don’t see the point. If someone’s views do not match the state, then, of course, they have to give up budget money and quietly indignant, became frondeurs, to protest. Imagine that the state is the person who gives you money. And you have him take the money and then say that he was a jerk. This is not entirely correct and beautiful,» – said the musician.

He added that the story of the arrest of film Director Kirill Serebrennikov him unpleasant, however it should understand the consequence.

«We all want to make money, sometimes believing that we deserve more money than we have. There are many people who are more capitalized. I sympathize with Serebrennikov, but I’m trying to knock out the money on their projects, receive money, even indecent to say. 700 thousand (rubles, about $12 million – «GORDON») we hold the festivals, and when we hear that 200 million (about $3.4 million. – «GORDON») provide some development, we do not have a sense of envy, but we also want money,» – said the head of the jazz orchestra.

Butman assured that can correctly spend a large sum of money and to give an account for «every ruble,» received from the state. He added that he is ready to once again become a confidant of President Putin in the elections.

«My identity is that I am confidant of Putin, has lost force after the elections, but informally I have remained so. If I am offered again to become confidant in the elections, will have that honor, I agree. I don’t give so much money, so I refused it. If I had more money maybe I would go to the opposition. But, unfortunately, do not give» – said the musician.

In his letter Vyrypaev called on cultural workers on the eve of elections to weaken the authority of Putin in connection with the prosecution of the Director Serebrennikov.

«We have a year to try to reduce his rating, and most importantly – its credibility and the credibility of the whole of the ruling ideology,» wrote the Director.

Main Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia detained Serebrennikov on the night of 22 August. He is accused of organizing the theft of at least 68 million rubles (about $1,15 million) allocated in 2011-2014 for the project «Platform».

According to the Director, the charges against him is absurd, because the project «Platform» took place for the money that was allocated by the state.

August 23, Basmanny court of Moscow has sent Serebrennikov under house arrest.

Former Putin confidant Igor Butman, the musician: If I had more money maybe I would go to the opposition 29.08.2017

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