Former President of «Bavaria» ahead of schedule was released from prison

The ex-President of the Munich football club «Bavaria» Uli Hoeness on Monday, February 29, was released from prison after serving half his sentence. This was reported in the Bavarian Ministry of justice. Deutsche Welle reports.

Hoeness had to sit through three and a half years. He was released on personal recognizance. The exact time and place of release of Hennessy in the Ministry did not name.

Hoeness was jailed for tax evasion. In early January 2015, he had weakened the conditions of the sentence: the former President of the football club had the opportunity during the day to work outside penal institutions and only at night to go back behind bars.

64-year-old Hoeness has since worked in the Department of youth teams of Bayern. Last Christmas he was allowed to spend at home — the former President of «Bavaria» was invited to the festival to also 30 refugees.

Hoeness 2 June 2014, was serving a sentence for non-payment of just under 28.5 million euros in taxes in prison Bavarian town Landsberg am Lech. The court in Munich sentenced him to three years and six months imprisonment. Hoeness has indemnified the caused state losses by paying at least € 43 million.

Former President of «Bavaria» ahead of schedule was released from prison 29.02.2016

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