Former Polish President Walesa confessed that he signed the receipt on receiving money from intelligence agencies

Former Polish President Lech Walesa admitted that «collaborated» with the security services and signed the papers about getting money. According to him, he did it for his friend, the employee could take the money themselves. Walesa himself is no operational information is not passed, he says, writes

«They took the money for himself, not for me, and lo, it was done by different people and for long enough. I have long ceased to communicate» — quoted from the blog Walesa radio Polska.

According to him, in this setup was attended by captain rook — one of employees of security services, the leading case «Bolek».

«You framed me so, and I took pity on you. Only one question remains — did you do it yourself or with someone» — he added.

The ex-President of Poland stressed that the signed documents are however not informed and did not take money from special services.

Formerly the Institute of national remembrance of Poland published the archives with documents that confirm the relationship Walesa with special services. Among the published documents — personal business agent, who worked under the pseudonym «Bolek». For example, hand-written obligation to cooperate: «I, the undersigned Lech Walesa, the son of Boleslaw and Felix, 1943 year of birth, are obliged to keep secret the content of my conversations with security personnel. Also undertake to cooperate with the security service to identify and combat the enemies of the Polish people’s Republic. The information I am going to convey in writing. The fact of cooperation with the security service are obliged to keep secret and not to disclose even the family. The transmitted information I write under the pseudonym «Bolek».

At the Institute say that in the archives there are also «numerous reports of a secret agent under the pseudonym «Bolek» and «signed by the pseudonym Bolek the receipt of money.»

Walesa over the past 30 years accuse that in 1970-ies he was a secret service agent who worked under the pseudonym «Bolek». The former President has denied these allegations.

In 2000, the lustration court ruled that Lech Walesa was a secret agent. Based on this, the former leader of the Solidarity movement that contributed to the fall of the Communist regime in Poland, said it will sue anyone who claims he collaborated with the secret police.

«Never agreed to cooperate with the security Service in terms of the denunciation or support of communism — said Walesa. — I never let myself break down and didn’t take the money».

Note, one of the first, back in 2008, Walesa in the work of the security services accused the then President Lech Kaczynski.

Lech Walesa — Polish politician, activist and human rights defender, a former head of the independent trade Union «Solidarity», the former shipyard electrician in Gdansk. Nobel peace prize 1983. In 1990-1995 — the President of Poland.

Former Polish President Walesa confessed that he signed the receipt on receiving money from intelligence agencies 24.02.2016

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