Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert began to serve his sentence in prison «Maasiyahu»

Former Prime Minister of Israel , Ehud Olmert, February 15, began to serve his sentence in prison «Maasiyahu», located near the city of Ramla. In the colony he arrived about 10 o’clock.

According to Olmeta, he «continues to reject charges of taking bribes». «This is the hardest day in my life, and with a sad heart I accept the punishment imposed by the court,» said the former Prime Minister, reports NEWSru Israel.

Olmert sentenced to a year and seven months in prison. 18 months in prison for receiving a bribe of 60 thousand shekels in the case of the Holyland. Another month or for interference with the course of the investigation.

Some pics from inside of the block 10 of Maasiyahu Prison, former PM Ehud #Olmert new home

— Ben Hartman (@Benhartman) 15 February 2016

The former Prime Minister also was sentenced to eight months in prison for «the case Talansky». Start serving this punishment postponed until the hearing on February 16 appeal to the Supreme court.

Olmert became the first Prime Minister of Israel in history, who went to jail. He began to serve in the tenth wing of the prison «Maasiyahu». This wing is a block of 18 prisoners who for various reasons can not be kept among the rest.

The unit consists of six cameras, each with three beds, shower room, bathroom, wardrobe, table, chairs and TV. In the corridors of installed telephones, and the unit also has a lounge, an exercise yard, a classroom, a synagogue, a library and a dining room.

We will remind, from-for corruption scandals, Olmert resigned in September 2008, but until March 2009, continued to serve as head of the government.

In 2009, Olmert was accused of receiving large sums from American businessman Maurice Talansky, the use of budgetary funds for payment of private tourist trips and abuse of office to promote the interests of his business partner and friend URI Messer.

In Mar 2014 the district court in tel Aviv recognized the former Prime Minister guilty in two cases of receiving bribes in the Holyland case. According to the court verdict, Olmert received 500 thousand shekels for his brother Yossi Olmert. Another 60 thousand shekels were obtained Olmert through Zaken Motke to cover the debts of his campaign.

On the first charge prosecutors demanded Ehud Olmert punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term from 5 to 7 years. In addition, the prosecution insisted on the fine of 1.2 million shekels, which is two times the amount Olmert received bribes.

On the second charge, concerning money to cover the debt during the election campaign, the Prosecutor’s office insisted on the deprivation of liberty for a term from two to four years and fine of 140 thousand shekels.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert began to serve his sentence in prison «Maasiyahu» 16.02.2016

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