Former Deputy Minister of defense advised Facebook and Twitter to learn combat fakes and propaganda in Ukraine

Facebook and Twitter need to look more closely at the experience of Ukraine in fight against Russian fake news and propaganda, as well as find the best technological solution for dealing with bots and fake accounts. Said former Deputy Minister of defense Michael carpenter, comments, «Voice of America».

Carpenter to recommend to pay more attention to the words, he that soweth discord, to trace their sources and to check whether involved for their promotion funding foreign States. He noted that high tech companies should actively cooperate with governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The former Pentagon official also noted the Ukrainian StopFake project, organized on the basis of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

«They were the first attempts to understand how Russia is spreading disinformation and fake stories on social networks and traditional media,» he said.

According to carpenter, the management of social networks does not understand the scale and effectiveness of Russian influence in social and traditional media and is afraid to regulate this sphere, so as not to lose profit.

«The experience of all Russia’s neighboring countries was rejected. Mainly because he was not well known. Technology companies live in their hermetically sealed world and not see what is happening in Ukraine. They don’t think about it. And when mark Zuckerberg denies the fact that Russia could intervene in our choices, it is naive and even dangerous,» he warned.

According to the expert, management of social networks prefers to ignore Russian propaganda, in order not to lose profit. He added that companies will be forced to take seriously the anti-propaganda, if the U.S. Congress and the public will continue to pay attention to this issue.

«They need to take this seriously, to develop the algorithms, but also to spend money on human resources. In the end, must be the person who will look at how information is disseminated, and to take measures to eradicate all these fake accounts. All this costs money,» concluded carpenter.

On October 31, the representatives of the companies Facebook, Twitter and Google explained in the Congress in connection with the use of their online platforms to interference in the election campaign in the United States.

10 December 2016, the CIA concluded that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election to help the Republican candidate Donald Trump to win over the representative of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

In the published us intelligence report says that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to start a campaign for intervention in U.S. elections.

It was reported that Russian Internet bots are actively used Facebook and Twitter to send political spam in the run-up to elections.

Former Deputy Minister of defense advised Facebook and Twitter to learn combat fakes and propaganda in Ukraine 10.11.2017

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