Former Deputy Minister of civil aviation of the USSR: No «Titan war» Russia will not stand

Russian civil aircraft were destroyed for 25 years, so Russia will not be able to go to the limit of titanium in USA, response to which is a termination of service Boeing and Airbus the Russian fleet. This opinion was expressed by the honored pilot of the USSR, former Deputy Minister of civil aviation of the USSR Oleg Smirnov in the comments «Free press».

«Now, almost all passenger transportation in Russia are carried out by machines of foreign production. The lion’s share of this amount is necessary just for Boeing and Airbus. That is why, in my opinion, the «Titan war» for Russia – a step truly catastrophic,» he explained.

The former Deputy Minister noted that Russia will not be able to operate foreign aircraft on their own, because they require fuel and lubricants, routine replacement of components and parts for repair.

«We all buy in the West for large, will notice the money. We even lubricants aircraft materials has long ceased to produce, even aviation gasoline we – last of the great aircraft power – we buy abroad! If all this time will disappear as we will be able to operate foreign aircraft? Moreover, in aviation there are no trifles, and the price is untimely or poor maintenance – the lives of hundreds of passengers», – he stressed.

According to the expert, Russia should not «rock the boat» with the supply of titanium, until she launched a domestic airliner MS-21 and did not start to operate the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Il-114. However, he added that foreign aircraft manufacturers can do without Russian titanium.

«Titanium sponge and high-quality forging not only in Russia but also in Japan, Europe, even China. Boeing will be replaced by the supplier of the titanium, plus, maybe a few will raise the price of their machines because it will have to adjust production plans – it’s all over,» – said Smirnov.

He added that if Boeing and Airbus will try to boycott Russian market, to quickly restore civil aircraft in Russia will not work.

«This is a high-tech innovative industry. And our backlog in it for a short time to catch up. To destroy it, remember, began Yegor Gaidar. As Prime Minister, he said that civil aircraft is too costly for the Russian economy, and that he personally agreed with Boeing on the supply of any aircraft of any type. The results of this policy we are reaping now,» said former Deputy Minister.

Smirnov recalled that in 1991, Russia in civil aviation was 35 thousand domestic aircraft, but none of the machines of foreign production.

«Since then, the industry again, in the strongest way degraded. And, of course, no «Titan war» she will not survive,» he concluded.

July 28, 2017 «the parliamentary newspaper» reported that a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov proposed to take Russian money out of American securities, and to limit deliveries to the USA of titanium, aluminum and components to the nuclear industry. Such a proposal he announced in response to new US sanctions.

The American company Boeing relies on Russia for 35% titanium for use in civil aircraft of the Russian Federation holds the largest outside of the U.S. engineering center and building a plant for processing of titanium billets. The cost of software procurement of Boeing in Russia reaches $27 billion.

Former Deputy Minister of civil aviation of the USSR: No «Titan war» Russia will not stand 28.08.2017

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