Foreign Policy. «War of history» between Ukraine and Poland — a gift to Putin

«In 2014, when Ukraine began to fight against the Russians and their «Trustees» who are better equipped and better funded than the Ukrainians, she is desperately looking for heroes that can inspire the country,» — writes in his article in Foreign Policy by journalist Ian Bateson. But, at least, one of the heroes, became a threat to the partnership of Ukraine with Poland.

In Ukraine, Bandera is remembered primarily as the founder of the nationalist organizations, explains the author. «After the Russian propaganda has tried to diminish, declaring it exclusively a right-wing protest, the Maidan revolution that toppled President Yanukovych, the Ukrainians began to use Bandera as a symbol to Troll the Kremlin, and his popularity in the country continues to reach new heights,» the article says.

However, in Poland, «poles of different political opinions remember Bandera mainly because he collaborated with the Nazis, and his followers massacred the civilian population of Poland,» writes the author.

In recent months, the Ukrainian and Polish diplomats hastily trying to prevent the rupture of relations. But in both countries, nationalism is growing.

In the author’s opinion, now Ukraine can not be to quarrel with Poland, as most European powers preoccupied with their internal turmoil, and the US is trump, you may take a course of rapprochement with Moscow.

«Today, the governments of Poland and Ukraine remains United in its opposition to Moscow, but the nationalist populism plays in both countries increasingly destructive role,» the article says.

«The poles were very difficult to understand after Poland became one of the main supporters of the Ukrainian revolution,» said Yassin Lukasz (Polish Institute of International Affairs), implying the glorification of the Ukrainians involved in the murders of poles.

In July last year, the Polish Sejm struck back. «Both houses had adopted a Declaration in which the murder of tens of thousands of innocent citizens of Poland, committed by Organization of Ukrainian nationalists Bandera Volyn, officially declared a genocide,» the author writes. Shortly before the Kyiv authorities have renamed the Moscow prospect Avenue in Bandera.

Politicians and experts fear that Ukraine is not aware of how much it alienates Poland.

But Ukrainian deputies continued their course to the aggravation. The group of deputies has submitted a bill to declare the action of Poland against the Ukrainians in the years 1919-1951 genocide. «The Polish state were subjected to ethnic cleansing of the Ukrainian settlements on the border with Ukraine: first, they were moved to Soviet Ukraine, and later forcibly relocated to the territory, which was transferred from Germany to Poland», — stated in the article.

The foreign ministries of Ukraine and Poland supported a joint investigation of the tragedy in the Volyn region, which should be a common version of the story. But the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland, Waszczykowski said that the reconciliation will fail, if Ukraine will be official celebrations in connection with the 75th anniversary of the UPA, founded by followers of Bandera.

Meanwhile, some in Ukraine propose to abandon the image of Bandera as a national hero. Ukrainian columnist Michael Dubinyansky said that in contemporary Ukraine Bandera is reduced to a propaganda stereotype, which is used in defiance of Moscow.

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Foreign Policy. «War of history» between Ukraine and Poland — a gift to Putin 25.01.2017

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