Foreign Policy. Putin immediately gave Trump’s «the trial» by attacks in Ukraine

«The administration trump is facing its first major test on the international stage: the Russian artillery barrage of shells and rockets continued to attack the Ukrainian forces in the disputed East of the country,» writes the blog the Cable of Foreign Policy magazine journalist Paul Makleri. «As a result of the newly erupted «frozen conflict», Sunday killed about a dozen of the Ukrainian military», — stated in the article. Meanwhile, on Saturday held the first telephone conversation of the presidents of trump .

«Ukrainian forces appears to be moving into the neutral zone, the author writes. — It seems to be an attempt to strengthen its bargaining ability in case they will again have to return to the negotiating table in a weaker position.»

In Kiev and in the member States of the NATO are afraid that trump will conclude with Moscow a deal that would involve the weakening of American support to the Ukrainian government and potentially increase freedom of hands of Russia in its attempts to destabilize Ukraine, reports Makleri.

«One employee of the US defense Department said in an interview with Foreign Policy on condition of anonymity that the Pentagon had been waiting an escalation of Russian aggression in Ukraine because Moscow is trying to calculate the «she» in the administration trump,» writes the author.

The newspaper also quoted Alexander Vershbow, who until last year was Deputy Secretary General of NATO. He stated that the new battle and the message about the shelling of Ukrainian transport aircraft by the Russian side — a sign that «Russians are not ready to make any peaceful gestures».

Merzbow does not exclude that the Kremlin «is trying to make a test of the new administration to see whether it distanciruemsa from Kiev, and also to make it clear to Poroshenkothat he will have to make the best possible deal with Russia, and this deal, of course, his political collapse.»

«Employee of the U.S. defense Department said that Moscow has little reason for the practical implementation of the Minsk agreement on ceasefire», — the journalist continues. The source said: «it is clear that the «political body» was this open, bleeding wound, which will allow [Russia] to manipulate the situation and policies of the country and thus keep Ukraine in the post-Soviet kleptocratic orbit».

The current fighting in Eastern Ukraine — «test, designed to find out whether Washington and Europe would coordinate» their actions in the crisis, says Franklin Holcomb (Institute for the Study of War).

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Foreign Policy. Putin immediately gave Trump’s «the trial» by attacks in Ukraine 02.02.2017

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