Foreign Policy. Indulging harmful Petro Poroshenko

The resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the post of Prime Minister will not stop the slide of Ukraine’s political crisis, argues in his article in Foreign Policy Leo Golinkin — American journalist, born in Kharkov. President Poroshenko continues to refuse to fight corruption, which infuriates Ukrainians and strangling the Ukrainian economy. «And thanks to the West, which continues to support him, Poroshenko has consolidated its power as never before», — said in the article.

According to Golinkin, the current political crisis in Ukraine provoked by the events in February, when two prominent reformer — Minister of economy aivaras Abromavicius and Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO resigned, not resigned to the fact that persons from the inner circle Poroshenko systematically preventing reforms.

«If the successor Yatsenyuk became an independent «third party people», the new Prime Minister may be in a position to revive globose the reform process,» writes Golinkin, mentioning the name of Natalie Jaresko. But, apparently, the new Prime Minister will be Vladimir Groisman, passing for protege Poroshenko. «There will be no restructuring, and consolidation of power,» predicts the author.

The legacy of the government of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk — «the nasty list of cases of resistance to reform», as formulated by the author. «It’s hard to imagine that the government Poroshenko and Groisman (read «Poroshenko and Poroshenko») better to cope with. Now the only chance for significant changes in Ukraine should come from the outside,» the article says.

According to the author, the West hitherto refrained from pressure on Kiev. Golinkin explains the patience of the West that «the confrontation with Russia — a country that is in NATO, many believe the greatest threat. This makes Ukraine’s symbolic and strategic importance».

Kiev oligarchs understand this fact and play on it as anyone. «Any attempt to call Kiev to account for the lack of reform provokes an avalanche of indignant objections: remind the West that the oligarchs give a rebuff to Russia, fight for democracy and defend Western values,» the article says.

The author acknowledges that «to throw money into a corrupt swamp — not necessarily a losing strategy.» It was used by the U.S. and the Soviet Union to enlist the support of juntas and dictators. But the Ukrainian people will not tolerate indefinitely Poroshenko, said Golinkin.

The desire to replace corruption with rule of law was one of the motives of the uprising on the Maidan in 2013-2014. Today, resentment is felt again, but now it is directed at Poroshenko.

While the West is distracted by the US elections and the immigration crisis, Ukraine is becoming a dangerous steam boiler in the middle of Europe, says the author. Sooner or later, Poroshenko or someone from his entourage would do something outrageous, and this will cause a new wave of protests.

In 2016 Ukraine is not the one in 2013: «it is awash with guns, the population of South-Eastern regions is hostile, the army was disappointed, the economy was recently on the brink of collapse, and, most importantly, are armed to the teeth battalions of right-wing militias. A new uprising will likely push the country towards disintegration,» the author writes.

The West must realize the danger, stop acting like Poroshenko — a knight of democracy, and force Poroshenko to significant, tangible reforms. «Syria and Libya are draining the resources of Europe to the limit. Imagine how you will act failed state with a population of 45 million, situated in the centre of Europe», — concludes the author.

Foreign Policy. Indulging harmful Petro Poroshenko 14.04.2016

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