Foreign Ministry demands from the Russian Federation to allow the consuls to «Crimean terrorists»

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia to provide for the admission of consuls detained in the Crimea Ukrainian citizens to Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sahay accused of preparing acts of sabotage. About this in his Twitter wrote on Tuesday, the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry Marian Betz.

«Methods of the occupier does not change. Repression intensified. Demand from the Russian Federation to provide immediate admission of consuls to the Ukrainian citizens,» she said.

Karpyuk taken in the Vladimir region of Russia. Klyh remained in Grozny
The court of the occupiers in Simferopol has extended the arrest of the defendants in the case «Hizbut-Tahrir»

In turn protection of the accused in the preparation of sabotage insists that they were just taxi drivers-private traders. About it writes on Tuesday, the Russian newspaper «Kommersant».

Motions of the FSB, the court has considered in the closed mode, however, it became known that from a large group of «war saboteurs and their accomplices» on the elimination of FSB which reported in August 2016, under investigation are currently only Evgeny Panov and Andrew Tahta, the newspaper notes.

They were officially charged with «attempted sabotage» and «participation in an illegal armed formation».

Panov and Sahta declined from earlier confessions.

Defence Panov and Sahaja say they had nothing to sabotage training. Lawyer Dmitry Dinze claims that his client lords, a former employee of the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, arrived in the Crimea, there to earn private carrying.

Detained him on August 7 on the border post when returning. According to the FSB, in the last three days, the driver Panov carried as a passenger of a citizen who could be involved in the preparation of explosions on the Peninsula. Now the taxi driver Panov claims that three days really not even met the passenger.

A taxi driver, according to his lawyer Ilya Novikov, was the second defendant, twice previously convicted Andrew Sahta. Novikov has told that unknown persons on the phone suggested Zahau the evening of August 6 to pick up the three men with the baggage near the village of Suvorovo in the North of Crimea. Passengers, as the customer, will indicate where to go, and will pay generously for their service.

However, on the way to Suvorovo car Tahtea, according to him, intercepted by the FSB, among whom the eldest was Colonel Roman Kamenev. Investigators, according to the accused, told the taxi driver that its customers are suspected of preparing acts of sabotage, inviting him to assist in their capture.

In the village late in the evening the taxi driver arrived with armed security officers in the cabin. However once the stone got out of the car, a gun battle ensued. The officer was wounded, and shooting at him, people have disappeared. Subordinate to the machine Sahaja took the victim to hospital where he died, and the taxi driver was taken to its management.

Until the KGB found out Sahaja role in the incident, his trial was elected administrative arrest.

It turned out that the involuntary participant of the special operation in suvorove drunk was swearing and bothering passers-by to Simferopol. Later the investigator of the FSB thought the taxi driver accomplice saboteurs, and not an accidental witness to the shooting, charging him with the appropriate charges.

As you know, the Lefortovo district court of Moscow on 5 December extended until March 2017 arrests of Ukrainians.

We will remind, on August 10 in the FSB reported that in the Crimea detained the citizen of Ukraine Eugene gentry, who was named «one of the organizers of the attacks originating in Crimea». This brother Panov claimed that Ukrainians were kidnapped in the Zaporozhye region and taken to the Crimea.

Another detainee in the case — Andrei Sahay — 5 September the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation was charged with aiding and abetting terrorism.

On 13 October it became known that Panov and Sahaja moved in a Moscow jail «Lefortovo», and after that, the defenders saw the bloody wounds from handcuffs on his hands Panov and Sahaja, and scars on the face.

Detained on charges of sabotage Ukrainians after the carriage in the Moscow remand prison of the FSB «Lefortovo» is not allowed nor Consul, nor lawyers.

Previously a member of the Public oversight Commission (POC) Zoya Svetova said she was in Moscow SIZO «Lefortovo» in the absence of lawyers go to some operatives.

Foreign Ministry demands from the Russian Federation to allow the consuls to «Crimean terrorists» 06.12.2016

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