Foreign Minister of Serbia reiterated the big «anti-Russian hysteria» in the West

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic said that the EU there is a big «anti-Russian hysteria». He said this after meeting Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, reports Balkaneu.

Dačić said that the purpose of the meeting with Rogozin was the question of the Serbian-Russian humanitarian centre in NIS. According to him, Serbia is under «great pressure» of the West over the center and to the possible granting of diplomatic immunity to Russian officials in Serbia.

Dacic stressed that «in Western countries there is obviously a big anti-Russian hysteria, and all of this is interpreted as the fact that Russia has a great influence in our region.»

The head of the Serbian foreign Ministry added that in his opinion, «the influence of other countries in the other hemisphere, is more harmful than the influence of Russia, at least for Serbia and the Serbian people.»

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian centre in NIS was opened in 2012. Its stated goal is to help in case of emergencies. It is located less than 100 kilometers from a NATO base in Kosovo.

In October 2014, Serbia signed an agreement with Russia on military cooperation and a further six joint papers. «The worst of the seven agreements – giving the Russians a special status on the base in the Niche», said The Guardian the head of the Center for Euro-Atlantic studies Jelena Milic. She stressed that the base was used for the supply of equipment to the Serbian minority in Northern Kosovo.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and has been recognized in more than 100 countries. Serbia and Russia (as its ally) do not recognize Kosovo’s independence and block the entry of the Republic in the UN.

Foreign Minister of Serbia reiterated the big «anti-Russian hysteria» in the West 30.09.2017

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