Foreign IT company has warned Russia about possible leaving of the «fuzzy rules of the game»

Major foreign IT companies can minimize their investment program and to leave the Russian market «in terms of fuzzy rules of the game» of government contracts, the newspaper quoted Kommersanty statement of the Association of European businesses (AEB) sent to the government of the Russian Federation.

A letter to the Minister of communications and mass communications of the RF Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev and the head of FAS Igor artemevu asked the Director General of the AEB Frank Schauff.

In the AEB’s offer to delay at least six months of the entry into force of the law obliging the state bodies from 1 January 2016 to justify the purchase of foreign software. The appeal of Schauff says otherwise, a foreign IT company may leave the market because «the necessary equal treatment and non-discrimination and restrictions of free competition and access to the Russian market for foreign companies».

If the entry into force of the relevant law will be delayed for six months, departments will be able to develop joint criteria for the localization of foreign IT companies in Russia, to them the software could also be included in the Unified register of the Russian FOR, according to the AEB.

The newspaper’s source in one of the ministries explained Kommersant that concerns the AEB is caused not so much signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the law as a regulation restricting government procurement of foreign software, the draft of which was submitted to the Ministry of communications to the government on 30 June. The document can be signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the next two weeks, the article says.

The decree prohibits the purchase from the beginning of 2016 foreign software for state and municipal needs «in order to protect the domestic market of the Russian Federation, development of the national economy and support Russian producers». Overseas you can buy only in the absence of the Russian analogues.

Overall last year, according to UN data, foreign direct investment in Russia across all industries dropped by 70% to 21 billion dollars, the newspaper reminds. While foreign investment is a key factor in the development of IT industry in Russia.

According to the National Association of participants of electronic trade, the most popular software developer in the public sector and state-owned enterprises by the end of 2014, became a German SAP — it solutions to government agencies has purchased 5.6 billion. Followed by American Oracle (4.6 billion rubles) and IBM (3.3 billion rubles), Microsoft (3,05 billion) and Cisco (1.9 billion rubles).

Recall that in may it was reported that foreign investors in international courts trying to recover from Ukraine UAH 170 bn. According to Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Anton Yanchuk, this amount consists of 19 lawsuits, as well as 21 pre-trial settlement with foreign investors. He said that in 2012 the amount of the claims amounted to 30 billion UAH, and in 2013 — 20 billion Increase in financial claims of the Deputy Minister explained the losses of foreign investors to Ukraine in connection with the occupation of the Russian Federation of the Crimea and of the territory, as well as «the resistance of the oligarchs.»

Foreign IT company has warned Russia about possible leaving of the «fuzzy rules of the game» 03.11.2015

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