Forecasters warned of a sharp cold

At the beginning of a new week in Ukraine will be cold — the temperature drops a few degrees on Monday and Tuesday colder even more. This is according to the Ukrgidromettsentra.

On Monday, the temperature will be from -3 to +2. Will be warmer in the South and the East — 1 — 6 degrees Celsius. Precipitation on 28 November did not predict in the South in the daytime, for the rest of the territory the possibility of rain and sleet.

In the Kharkiv region, as well as in the Western, Northern and Central regions at night the temperature drops to 3 — 8 frost, and the day to 0 — 5 degrees below zero.

Will be warmer in the South and in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions — at night, expect a 0 — 5 degrees of a frost, day 3 heat up 2 frost.

It will snow in most regions of Ukraine, except the South and East.

Earlier, forecasters predicted that the winter 2016 — 2017 Ukraine will be generally warm, but with several periods of drastic cooling that will be changed by warming to positive temperatures.

Forecasters warned of a sharp cold 28.11.2016

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