Forecasters said when it comes to true heat

According to the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center, in the second half of the month the air temperature in some regions of the country will reach 27-30 degrees Celsius, reports «Today».

Forecasters explain that the exact weather forecast can be as little as five days. However, they suggest that in the first half of may will be warmer in the Carpathians, on the South and East of the country. In these regions from the meteorological point of view summer has come early in the month — the temperature is consistently kept above 15 degrees Celsius.

The rest of the territory of Ukraine the heat of summer is worth waiting for after may 15. Forecasters Gismeteo portals and Сcuweather predict that the final warming will occur may 23 — this day in most parts of the country are expected to consistently hot weather.

Thunderstorms will last until may 15, almost the entire territory of Ukraine.

Earlier in Ukraine were recorded several temperature records of heat.

Forecasters said when it comes to true heat 13.05.2016

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