Ford opened the season autopiloting testing machines in the city-polygon

The University of Michigan was built last year in Ann arbor fake city Mcity representing a polygon in 32 acres (almost 130 sq km) for testing vehicles without any risk to others.

As reported by Ford, it was the first manufacturer who tests cars in Mcity, according to «3Dnews».

The Ford company chose this site for testing new models Fusion Hybrid, equipped with LiDAR sensors. While Ford was developing its Autonomous technology for more than a decade, the decision to start testing on the range MCity indicates that the automaker is stepping up its efforts for bringing technologies to market.

Prior to that, Ford has tested their cars on public roads. Polygon Mcity gives the opportunity to increase the intensity of testing. According to the Professor of the University of Michigan Ryan of Eustis, every mile, passed a car in a fake town, equal to the load 100, or even 1000 miles of ordinary roads (about 610 km 1) through the creation of simultaneous combinations of various difficulties. In the artificial town high above the crossroads of placed cameras, installed all kinds of traffic signs, various barriers, there are all kinds of pavements.

Ford plans to use this site to expedite the testing of assistive technologies that facilitate the control of the car in order to start their mass use. Although the company already offers some automatic functions, such as self Parking, in its Arsenal don’t have a car with semi-Autonomous driving system, like Tesla.

Ford opened the season autopiloting testing machines in the city-polygon 17.11.2015

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