Force ATO pushed militants from the industrial zone near the Town, the situation worsened

Ukrainian military from-for continuous attacks of terrorists were forced to occupy the industrial area near Avdeevka Donetsk region.

About it the press center of the ATO reported on his page in Facebook.

The enemy used mortars prohibited caliber, automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.

«Had been threatened and homes of local residents. To avoid loss of personnel and civilian casualties, our soldiers were forced to push the enemy outside of the settlement», — stated in the message.

Militants continue to violate the truce and fire prohibited weapons. For the last day Russian mercenaries 84 times fired on the strengthening of the armed forces.

The most dangerous was the Donetsk direction where the enemy 69 times fired at strongholds of the AFU with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms.

Strengthening the Ukrainian armed forces near Avdiyivka, Sands, Experienced, zaytsevo, Mayorsk and may day and the mine «Butovka» and «Zenith» has come under fire from mortars of calibres of 120 and 82 mm.

Experienced in positions of the Ukrainian military, the enemy fired from anti-aircraft guns, and Krasnogorovka from the BMP.

On the Mariupol direction under mortar fire were Ukrainian soldiers in the positions near Talakivka, Chermalyk and Water.

Midnight fire active Russian mercenaries has decreased. Fixed unit fire positions near Experienced from grenade launchers and small arms.

Yesterday it was reported that 13 Ukrainian servicemen were injured. In the direction of Donetsk, illegal armed formation (IAF) broke the mode of silence throughout the front line – from the Trinity to the Donetsk airport. According to intelligence, the growing discontent of the population of Donbass by the presence and actions of Russian occupation troops. And the Russian military refuse to follow orders of the commanders in intensified fighting in the Donbass.

Force ATO pushed militants from the industrial zone near the Town, the situation worsened 24.02.2016

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