For the year in Colombia seized a record amount of heroin

Last year, Colombian military seized 378.3 tons of cocaine, which is almost 50% more than in 2015. This was announced by the Minister of defence of Colombia Luis Carlo Villegas, Reuters reports.

«In the fight against drug trafficking law enforcement more effective and better organized, creating more obstacles on both coasts and providing more intelligence to other States,» said Villegas.

He added that last year the country also managed to reduce the number of homicides.

«2016 was the most peaceful in Colombia over the last 40 years. Was 12200 kills — for the first time less than 25. thousand,» — said the Minister.

Recall that last year, Colombia managed to reach a truce with the Marxist-Leninist group FARC. This organization was formed in the 1960s as the military wing of the Colombian Communist party.

Although at first she really acted as a partisan leftist connections, later in the 1980s began to engage in drug trafficking and kidnapping hostages. Such illegal activity is contrary to many norms, including the Geneva Convention.

This practice its activities were condemned also by the Communist party that led to the rupture with the Communist party of Colombia.

A half-century standoff between the Central government and the rebels have cost the lives of more than 200 thousand Colombians.

For the year in Colombia seized a record amount of heroin 12.01.2017

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