For the purpose of development of electric vehicles, Obama has provided a 30% tax on oil production. Traders shocked

U.S. President Barack Obama in the budget plan for the next year will propose to impose a tax on oil at the rate of 10 dollars per barrel. This step is explained by the need to Finance the program for development of ecological transport, the February 5, 2016 AA.

In a written statement from the White house reported that the draft budget for 2017, which Obama during the week send to the Senate, provides for the implementation of infrastructure works for the sum of 300 billion dollars. To cover these costs and planned tax on oil companies.

«According to the statement, the introduction of a tax in the amount of $ 10 on every barrel of oil produced by oil companies will lead to 50% increase in U.S. investment in the sector of environmentally friendly modes of transport. In addition, this tax will encourage innovative development of this sector», — stated in the message.

$ 10 per each barrel of produced oil is a third of the current global oil prices.

Obama intends to formally announce the proposal next week, during the discussion of budget projections for 2017, said in the White house.

The Congress, whose majority Republicans have, with high probability will reject the proposal of the President.

The participants of the oil market and traders disapprovingly responded about the proposal Obama.

«Are you laughing at?» — said Reuters an oil analyst at consulting company WTRG Economics in Arkansas James Williams.

In the United States, like analysts, are already due to the fall in oil prices began declining oil production, as some wells were unprofitable. In particular, the company Flint Hills Resources LLC American brothers-billionaires Charles and David Koh I agreed to buy oil grade North Dakota Sour, only if she will pay for it by 0.5 dollars per barrel.

«…Even though Obama’s proposal is unlikely to be received with enthusiasm, the American authorities thereby hope to start a discussion about the need to reduce the dependence of the American economy from oil, develop alternative energy sources and increase investments in clean transportation infrastructure,» reports about it BBC.

We will remind, on January 26, Saudi authorities unveiled a vast plan for economic development aimed at maximum reduction of the dependence of the Kingdom on oil prices and world oil prices. «We intend to go from primitive quantitative growth based on exporting resources, and move on to high-quality diversified growth», — said the head of the oil state company Saudi Aramco , Khalid al-falih.

Saudi Arabia was laid in the state budget for 2016 the price of oil by $ 29 per barrel. In turn, the Chairman and founder fuel investment Fund Andurand Capital’s Pierre Anduran, one of the first officially warned about the fall in oil prices, says about 25 dollars «over the next two years.»

As previously reported, on world markets popular grade of crude oil continue to «beat» new records for their own depreciation.


Experts call the three main reasons for the sharp drop in oil prices: two political and one economic.

First, it comes hyperdimensionality as a result of joint efforts of the international community to reduce the prices of strategic raw materials for export-oriented Russia responsible for the outbreak of war with Ukraine. Not in favor of Russian suppliers and triggered a critical reduction in the quality of oil of own production, exported under the brand name Urals.

In order to press the regime of Vladimir Putin was even lifted the embargo on oil from Iran, which occupies second place in terms of explored reserves of «black gold» in the world. As emphasized by political commentator Oleg Ponomar, this country «in the near future will be able to throw at the market a million barrels of oil a day, there will be more pictures to roll».

The Gulf countries are here together with the USA, which after a resolution of Congress for the first time in the last 40 years began exporting its oil to the EU. The first batch of American oil came to European consumers on January 2 of this year.

Significantly intensifitsiruetsa and replenishment of the United States own oil reserves.

Secondly, the effect of industrial stagnation the command-administrative economic model of Communist China, resembling, according to experts, the USSR in 1985-1987.

Thirdly, the demand for hydrocarbons significantly reduces achieved within 2015, the revolutionary breakthrough in the technology of alternative power (this is particularly true for Germany) and the implementation of revolutionary systems of power in General in all the countries of Central and Western Europe.

German scientists have even announced the submission of a plasma is the next stage on the path to obtaining a clean and almost limitless energy of nuclear fusion. If the results of these studies will go into mass production, the new, compact electro — and heating plants called «stellarators» will completely replace the existing types of nuclear reactors, not to mention hydrocarbon generation.

Another pricing (or rather zinatniekiem), began actively to appear in 2015, but so far no tangible impact is spread fashion for electric vehicles, which actively resist the largest players in the global automotive industry and oil traders.

For the purpose of development of electric vehicles, Obama has provided a 30% tax on oil production. Traders shocked 05.02.2016

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