For the past days in zone anti-terrorist operation 7 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded. Near the granite the enemy used ATGM — Motesanib

In the past days in zone anti-terrorist operation dead among the Ukrainian military no, 7 people were injured.

On this day, 14 February, said the speaker of the presidential Administration of Ukraine anti-terrorist operation Colonel Alexander Motesanib during the press-briefing at Ukraine crisis media center.

«Over the past day in the fighting not a single Ukrainian soldier was killed and seven were injured,» said Motesanib.

He said that two soldiers were injured by shrapnel near Marinka, one military was wounded by shrapnel near Verkhnetroitskoye, 1 – got a bullet wound under zaytsevo, 1 — wounded by shrapnel, and another two wounded in a mortar attack.

Yesterday, during the day the rebels concentrated the fire in the Donetsk airport and in the vicinity of Gorlovka.

At the Donetsk direction in the area Experienced, Avdeevka and Sands, the insurgents used small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. In the area of Sand recorded two sniper attack.

«The militants have increasingly used the Minsk agreements prohibited the 82-millimeter and 120-millimeter mortars near our positions near zaytsevo and Mayorsk. It should be noted that the attacks in those two locations were carefully coordinated as the gunmen began and completed the fire almost simultaneously. At the same time, the gang carried out one attack with 120-millimeter mortar near Verhneuralskogo. It was restless and in the district of Trinity, where the militants fired from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, and one was recorded sniper fire,» said Motesanib.

He noted that in Mariupol direction militants have continued to carry out provocations of Marinka and Krasnogorovka. There the enemy was shooting from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms, and close to Krasnogorovka militants twice used 82-millimetre mortars.

Motesanib noted that according to military intelligence, Marinka has so-called «fifth motorized rifle brigade DNR», which is a unit of the armed forces «polar bear». However, the number of these provocations decreased, allowing the reopening of a checkpoint «Marinka», which was closed on 13 February. Civilians will be moving on controlled Ukraine territory.

Also, according to the spokesman, the militants carried out mortar shelling of ATO positions near Talakovka and Pavlopol, and near Granite twice used an anti-tank missile systems. Another provocation took place near Shirokino.

«At the Lugansk direction the day passed quietly — there were no armed provocation,» said Motesanib.

Note, yesterday, after clashes that occurred near the area of Mariinka in the first half of the day, the enemy continued in the area to fire on our positions from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

For the past days in zone anti-terrorist operation 7 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded. Near the granite the enemy used ATGM — Motesanib 14.02.2016

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