For the heat everything will be pay on the counter, even if it is not.

The government plans to adopt a decision according to which all apartment houses will pay for heat according to the meters, even if the counter is not installed. The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said Wednesday during the opening session of the government. «The Ukrainian Truth»

According to him, in the absence of meter will be applied to the average calculation of those houses where the meters are.

«For all cities to charge a payment for heat on the counter. For all. If the houses are not metered, please, the city has counters? Take the average of these counters per square meter and charge those houses which are not metered. This will mean the only thing – that the average accrual will be absolutely objective,» he said.

He also said that during the heating season it is necessary to set the maximum number of counters in houses. According to him, as of January 1, 2016 Ukraine, the metering devices were installed by 51.8% of the area homes, but until then their number increased.

«Thus, we will provide the opportunity and guarantee for the consumer that they will be assessed as much as is consumes heat a specific city in specific weather conditions,» he added.

«The goal is for the heating season is possible to equip with meters in all homes. In fact, everyone in Ukraine will be charged according to the meter, — said Groisman. And we’ll use some formulas to their advantage. Our task is to make the local authorities to deliver the units of account».

Groysman stressed that the manipulation of numbers and formulas are direct attempts to manipulate the resources, including financial.

«But then NKREKU (and other departments — ed) need to act tough,» — said Groisman.

Earlier Groisman announced the government’s decision obliging the enterprises Teplokommunenergo to charge consumers a fee for heat only on the basis of meter readings or averages for home, still unequipped with meters.

We will remind, from July 1, NKREKU doubled the tariffs for heat energy and Central heating for the population.

Bills for heat with excessive amounts that the some people of Kiev, was the result of an error and will be recalculated. This was stated by Vice-Premier Vladimir Kistion, who was apprised of the situation on behalf of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

For the heat everything will be pay on the counter, even if it is not. 30.11.2016

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