For six months the Ministry was completely reformed in the National police

In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine hope for half a year to fully reform the Agency in the National police, which should appear on 7 November. On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, broadcast of one of Ukrainian television said the spokesman of the MIA of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The transitional phase envisaged by the law on the national police, spelled out in the transitional provisions. We hope that within six months will make it», — said Shevchenko.

According to him, the National police force act allows certain provisions of the transitional phase to be used until the end of 2016. In particular, this applies to the wearing law enforcement officials uniforms old samples or use old visual markings of the police.

The press Secretary noted that, after November 7 in Ukraine, you will see law enforcement officers in the old police uniform. However, he stressed that this does not mean that law enforcers can’t obey. According to him, the old form is evidence that the policeman has not yet passed the recertification, but he is a full representative of law enforcement and be sure to comply with its legal requirements during the transitional period.

Shevchenko also said that on Tuesday, the interior Ministry held a teleconference meeting on which the question was raised about the necessary urgent action to avoid a legal vacuum after the elimination of the militia.

«That is for the next few days should be made of the appointment that relate to such mandatory law enforcement functions, as the receipt of applications. It comes to appointment of employees of duty units and investigators, who would have been entitled to make in eRDR information, and in fact to open the proceedings,» — said the spokesman of the interior Ministry.

He stressed that all heads of offices in the regions were sent to clear the mechanisms, a clear algorithm, on the night of 7th November, the citizens could contact the police and this information was recorded and investigators opened a production as the investigators of the National police.

In addition, the heads of territorial administrations have been instructed as to those proceedings that were commenced before 7 November.

The head of the National police will be assigned tomorrow, November 4.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko sees the head of the Ukrainian police first Deputy interior Minister Eka Zguladze.

For six months the Ministry was completely reformed in the National police 04.11.2015

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