For protection against the Russian threat the US has placed 6 500 tanks in caves in Norway — media

The U.S. military placed tanks, artillery and logistic equipment in special caves in Norway, used for the same purposes during the cold war, according with reference to the CNN story, published the morning of the 19th of February 2016.

Transferred to Finland American armored vehicles

«Early deployment of the technology simultaneously reduces costs and speeds up operations during the crisis, so we can use pre-prepared equipment and respond to any crisis, whatever it was,» said Colonel William Bentley, commenting on the deployment of American technicians in the Norwegian caves, which are named in the application «secret».

«The redeployment of equipment in caves in Norway, which borders Russia, comes amid worsening relations between Russia and NATO. During the cold war, the Norwegian-Russian border was heavily militarized. It is also near the base of the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy», — emphasize American journalists.

Earlier in October last year, the commander of the Norwegian army, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen said to the media that Russia «has demonstrated a willingness to use armed force to achieve political ambitions».

The cave referred to, situated in the Central part of Norway and is equipped with climate control. American military equipment was located in 1981 to defend NATO from the Soviet Union.

At the end of the cold war, the US found the substance of the cave complex irrational, but the cost of maintaining them in working order in the 1990-ies took over Norway.

The complex is a modern fortified facility, which employs about 100 Norwegian and American officers. There are appliances, sufficient to provide 15 thousand Marines. Previously, equipment of the caves were also used for operations in Iraq.

6,5 thousand units of equipment of the caves will be used in the exercise Cold Response 16, which will be held in late February. The exercises will be attended by 12 allies and partners in NATO and more than 16 thousand military personnel.

The representative of the Ministry of defence of Norway outlined the purpose of the exercise development of combat readiness in a «changing environment» and the maintenance of confidence in collective defence and NATO’s ability to repel the enemy.

Norway is member of NATO since 1949.

After the Russian military invasion into Ukraine and further refusal of the Kremlin to implement the Minsk peace agreements revise their military doctrines Sweden and Finland.

In contrast to the official Helsinki, where there’s no rule out holding a referendum on accession to NATO, the Stockholm does not intend to forsake their own neutral status, but reduce the participation in international peacekeeping operations and significantly increase the defense capability of the country. According to the commander of land forces of the Swedish army, major General Anders Brunstrom, Russian troops can attack Sweden within the next «several years».

Transferred to Finland American armored vehicles

The Minister of defence of Finland Jussi Niinistö confirmed that the country will be arriving combat unit of the U.S. army in the armored vehicles to participate in joint exercises.

«About twenty wheeled armored fighting vehicle Striker of the U.S. armed forces will participate in military exercises Arrow («Arrow»), scheduled for late spring», — stated in the message of the Finnish broadcasting company Yle with reference to the Minister.

As was reported earlier, fighters of the U.S. conduct exercises with aircraft of the Finnish air force, with the first takeoff and landing of aircraft will be made using Finnish airfield Rissala.

During a training exercise in Finland in may 2016 six fighter U.S. air force F-15 flies about 160 km from the border with Russia.

For protection against the Russian threat the US has placed 6 500 tanks in caves in Norway — media 20.02.2016

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