For participation in «Eurovision 2018» Babkin wrote a song in the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin, which became the participant of national selection for «Eurovision 2018», prepared for the Eurovision song contest of author’s song in the Ukrainian language. This reports the press service of the STB.

Such a decision the singer took at the request of the fans, and also from the desire to popularize in Europe the Ukrainian language.

According to Babkina, the song «Krzy two Ochi» tells about love of family, parents and home country, of strong feelings.

«I feel that this song is associated with the number three. Every man in life there are three main women is a mother, wife and daughter. My message was to them. Because each of them was once the daughter and once to be mother. And I, as a man, I thank each of them for their lives and for that which they will bring into this world», – said the musician.

According to him, the words to the song began to come to him during walks.

«Our musician Efim was playing a tune, I picked it up and recorded on tape. Then went to walk around Lviv, and the words themselves began to come to me from somewhere. And sketched the text: «I know I vry, I Baciu…» I Think that this song is about the strong feelings created four strong men: Efim Chupakhin, Anton Malyshev, Evgeny Filatov I», – said Babkin.

According to the results of the first phase of the national selection for participation in song contest «Eurovision 2018», the names of 18 Ukrainian artists who will participate in the semi-finals selection. They will be held on 10 and 17 February.

In the finals, which will take place on February 24th will be six participants.

The winner of the national selection will represent Ukraine at «Eurovision 2018» to be held in Lisbon.

The contest «Eurovision 2018» to be held in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, 8th, 10th and 12th may.

For participation in «Eurovision 2018» Babkin wrote a song in the Ukrainian language 18.01.2018

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