For further treatment Yana Zinkevych has created a Fund

Activists have set up a Fund Yana Zinkevych for further treatment.

This was reported the Deputy chief physician of the Dnipropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named after. I. Mechnikov Yury Skrebets.

«As a physician-instructor of a battalion «the Hospitallers», as nachmed hospitals Mechnikov and as someone who thanks Ian for their salvation appeal to you: it is our turn to help the heroine! For further treatment we create the Foundation Yana Zinkevych,» wrote the politician in Facebook.

According to him, the Supervisory Board of the Foundation will include public figures, politicians, volunteers, soldiers, doctors.

«His own conscience and we are responsible for proper use of all donated funds», — he stressed.

The politician reminded that the 20-year-old Yana Zinkevych – author and project leader «the Hospitallers», and the most effective volunteer service, field medicine, and thanks to her, saved hundreds of lives.

«The fate of reason gave her a cruel ordeal — a terrible accident almost cut short her life. Excretion of of severe shock. Complicated operation, endless pain and fighting, inability to move independently,» says Skopec.

He has also published details for those wishing to join the fundraising:

«- for replenishment of branches of PJSC CB «PrivatBank»: the account number 4149625810825933 Zinkevich Yana Vadimovna;

— to replenish in other Ukrainian banks: Bank — JSC commercial Bank PrivatBank; Bank MFO 305299, code EDRPOU 14360570; the beneficiary’s account 29244825509100; 4149625810825933, Zinkevich Yana Vadimovna, 3488112209″.

Recall, December 5, 2015 at approximately 4 a.m. Jan Zinkevich got in an accident in Dnipropetrovsk. The car «Hospitallers», which was also the fighter «Arrows», on the slippery asphalt flew off the road and flipped several times. Jan flew out of the car, in serious condition was hospitalized in the Dnipropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named after Mechnikov. The girl found a compound fracture of the spine and several broken ribs.

Nachmed Duca woke up the next day.

December 17, 2015 to Jan successfully operated on the territory of Israel.

22 December 2015 Zinkevich began to sit down, she recovered the feeling in his legs, from the 28th — began to go for walks while in the wheelchair.

Zinkevich said that on his return to Ukraine wants to create a similar institution for persons with disabilities ATO (she was in rehab after injuries and injuries of the spine clinic at the Chaim Sheba hospital in Israel).

5 February 2016 Zinkevich returned to Ukraine and is now in the hospital of Dnepropetrovsk region.

For further treatment Yana Zinkevych has created a Fund 29.02.2016

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