For Clinton, voted two million more than trump

For the candidate of the Democratic party of the USA Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in the United States voted by two million people more than the elected head of state Donald trump. As reported by the BBC it became known from the data of counting of votes. Republican trump won the election, winning a majority of electoral votes.

According to analysts of the Cook Political Report, after trump gave voice 62,2 million Americans, Clinton voted to 64.2 million people.

As recalled, the air force is the fifth case in U.S. history when presidents were candidates who lost by the number of votes. To trump in the same situation was George W. Bush, John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes and Benjamin Harrison. So, in 2000, Republican candidate George W. Bush became President, although his rival, Democrat al Gore voted at 544 thousand voters more.

CNN gives other results of the counting of the votes — according to the TV company as at Wednesday, 23 November, trump voted 62,1 million for Clinton — 63,96 million

We will remind, the law on presidential elections in the United States were two-party electoral College vote which was taken into account when calculating the results. As previously reported, due to States with high population density, delegating more of the electors in the College, trump scored more than the required 270 electoral votes that ensured his victory.

On Wednesday, the group of specialists on election law and computer experts urged the Clinton headquarters to seek a recount in three States, is considered a stronghold of the Democrats. As informs Agency AR, according to experts, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania could be a cyber attack in order to manipulate voting results.

One of the authors of the initiative, Director of the Center for computer security at the University of Michigan Alex Halderman found no evidence of cyber attacks or other breaches of the election. However, he called for a recount for the final exclusion of that possibility. As recalled by AP, in these three States trump beat Clinton by a small margin.

For Clinton, voted two million more than trump 24.11.2016

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