Focus. Boris Raytshuster: how does the «right network» in Europe Putin

Shortly before Christmas it became known that United Russia has signed with the Austrian freedom party cooperation agreement. As reported by Russian news Agency TASS, the parties are planning to hold joint consultations and exchange of information on topical issues. «This news is reminded of the Soviet times — says the article on the website Focus journalist Boris Raytshuster. However, in contrast to the era of Brezhnev, Moscow is now cooperating with the left and right populist party.»

«The agreement signed in the Kremlin party and the APS is one of the few surfaced evidence of the existence of the phenomenon which the West had long overlooked, writes Raytshuster. — We are talking about network prepopulated parties, which weaves Moscow. It covers the whole spectrum of the European parties, from the Austrian freedom party and the National front in France, the «Alternative for Germany» (ADH, it.: The AFD, a right populist party of Germany — ed.), the National democratic party of Germany and the German «Pegida» to the party «Jobbik» in Hungary and «New force» and «Northern League» in Italy».

«Moscow is trying to keep it a secret — just like in Soviet times. However, many evidence point to the fact that the details surfaced, only the tip of the iceberg,» writes Raytshuster. The author mentions the loan that the banks gave to the «National front» marine Le Pen (40 million euros). «You have to wonder about why ADG suddenly changed course on Pro-Kremlin, although there is no conclusive evidence that the trail from the millions of donations and financial assistance that is received by a party, is in Moscow», — stated in the article.

According to the study of the Hungarian analytical center of the Political Capital spent in 2014, from 24 influential European parties of the right wing 15 is openly Pro-Moscow position and focused on a single course under the leadership of Moscow outside the European Union, reports the author.

«For the first time the new Alliance with Moscow manifested itself in the Ukrainian conflict in March 2014, Putin invited more than 50 politicians from the EU as «election monitors» contrary to international law the Crimean «referendum». Not counting the four representatives of the Left party of Germany, all other «observers» were from right-wing parties», — stated in the article.

One of the threads in the network of right-wing parties is the Center of continental cooperation in Munich, writes Raytshuster. Officially, this non-governmental organization proclaims the goal «to liberate Europe from American hegemony» and to put an end to the replacement of the native European population during the mass migration of non-European peoples.

«Not experiencing financial difficulties the organization has established relations with Moscow as its head Yuri If is the Chairman of the Eurasian movement Alexander Dugin, one of the ideologists of nationalism,» writes Raytshuster. Hater of Europe, Dugin is a frequent guest at official events in the Kremlin and broadcast on Russian television and publicly admitted: «We support the Pro-Russian «fifth column» in Europe».

Dugin works with a man, who is considered the organizer of the «right network» of Moscow in Europe, — Konstantin Malofeev, continues Raytshuster. «Orthodox oligarch» does not hide what he was fighting: for the Eurasian Union of States under the leadership of Russia, where the Orthodox Church would stand guard over the order,» — said the journalist. At the invitation Malofeyev in Moscow has been one of the leaders of ADH Alexander Gauland, and the youth organization of the ADH is collaborating with the Pro-Kremlin youth movement.

«According to critics, Putin has two main reasons to cooperate with right-wing parties: first, such cooperation helps in its attempts to split the EU. Secondly, despite the fact that many on the left mistakenly think of Putin as the Russian President takes a hard right-wing, nationalist, Imperial attitudes — this was reported, in particular, French philosopher of Russian origin , Michel Alkalinovh in the book «the head of Putin», — says the author.

«Even if Putin isn’t behind the success of right-wing populists in Europe, he just promotes it and has at its disposal many tools to support them,» writes Raytshuster, Recalling that the German government, for example, the fear of active intervention in the electoral campaign in Germany in 2017 for the sample campaign in the United States, «by means of disinformation and discredit».

About the author. Boris Raytshuster headed from 1999 to 2015, to the office of Focus magazine in Moscow and is considered one of the leading experts of Germany on Russian Affairs. Has written several books about Putin’s Russia. His latest book, «the secret war of Putin», was published in April 2016.

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Focus. Boris Raytshuster: how does the «right network» in Europe Putin 04.01.2017

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