Five Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the ATO area during the day. Intelligence reports 18 dead militants for a week

Five members of the Armed forces of Ukraine were wounded over the past day in the fighting in the area ATO in the Donbass, said the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko.

Intelligence reports 18 dead militants for a week
Within 5 days of escalation in the Donbas, the Ukrainian side asked for silence 846 times

«As a result of hostilities during the day, five of our soldiers were injured, victims are not present», — he said at briefing on Monday in Kiev.

Lysenko informed that four other soldiers received wounds and contusions during the shelling in the village of Lugansk, one in Verhnetoretskom.

The defense Ministry spokeswoman said that over the past day, the activity of the enemy increased.

«Especially it concerns Donetsk and Mariupol directions, in particular the major «hot spots» — the Lugansk and Shyrokyne,» he said.

At the direction of Lugansk yesterday was relatively calm. The enemy made 3 short attacks in Stanytsia Luhanska and Novozvanivka.

On Donetsk the direction from 7 a.m. the enemy began shelling the positions of forces ATO in Lugansk. In the afternoon, the enemy had introduced armoured vehicles and mortars. Militants violated the silence regime almost around the perimeter of Gorlovka (area of the front Zaitsev — Item). In just the past day in Donetsk direction was 14 enemy attacks, including 4 of the heavy weapons.

On the Mariupol direction in Marinka and surrounding area was quiet yesterday. One attack happened in Starognatovka and Novotroitskoye. In the front section of Pavlopol, Shirokino, as before, very restless – the enemy massively uses mortars, occasionally guns. The positions of ATO forces were fired about 40 minutes and a few shells. In just the past day in the direction of Mariupol happened on the 16th of enemy attacks, including 6 — of heavy weapons.

Intelligence reports 18 dead militants for a week

In the period of December 19-25, the loss of the rebels amounted to 18 killed and 38 wounded. About it reports General Directorate of intelligence.

Thus, according to scouts, consisting of 9 separate assault infantry marine regiment from Novoazovsk, armed forces, 3 killed and five wounded.

Composed of 2 separate motorized rifle brigade, based in Lugansk, wounded one soldier. Consisting of 7 separate motorized rifle brigade, based in Bryanka, 15 people were killed and 32 wounded.

«In the civil hospitals of Lugansk imposed a regime of access restrictions, visitors in connection with the concealment of placing a large number of wounded soldiers of the Russian occupation forces,» — added in intelligence.

Within 5 days of escalation in the Donbas, the Ukrainian side asked for silence 846 times

The Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination of fire initiated 846 attempts of cease-fire during the escalation on the arc Svetlodarsk in the period from 15 to 22 December. About this informed the head of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC major General Anatoliy Petrenko, transfers «Ukrainian Truth».

According to him, the ceasefire is one of the main objectives of JCCC, for the use of all existing mechanisms, including those of the OSCE SMM.

«If we talk about statistics, in the critical period from 18 to 22 December we had the official 846 attempts of cease-fire and the introduction of silence regime», — said Petrenko.

«It worked positively 415 times, that is, the efficiency was 49%. We have to state that on request of the Ukrainian side, this mode worked only 38% of the total number of queries», — added Petrenko.

«This testifies to a high voltage and as have been configured NZF to abide by a ceasefire and the establishment of the regime of silence,» he added.

He stressed that within those 3 days there have been 153 violations of the cease-fire along the demarcation line. There were 78 heavy shelling and Minsk agreements prohibited weapons: recorded almost 2,400 explosions of mines and shells.

«This fixed the gaps 53 artillery shells of 152 mm caliber and 280 artillery shells of 122 mm. In some areas tanks were used.

23 December, on the eve of the announcement of regime of silence, which was agreed in Minsk has seen the largest number of attacks – 54, including 34 with using banned mortars and artillery. Recorded nearly 700 ruptures of mines and shells, including MLRS, artillery of calibre of 152 and 122 mm.

That day, according to Petrenko, was taken 221 the attempt to negotiate a cease-fire, the effectiveness of achieving the regime of silence was 51%.

At the same time, Petrenko said that after the introduction of the «regime of silence» from 0 hours to 24 December «absolute silence was not.»

«During the first day were more than 40 violations, including with mortars. And on December 25 of 32 violation of the ceasefire, including 10 cases with banned weapons — artillery and mortars,» — said Petrenko.

He added that the fires from the territory in the area of responsibility ORDO.

«On the astronomical clock — there is sporadic gunfire, they manage to stop within a relatively short period of time,» he said.

In General, according to Petrenko, over the two days the procedure of the cease-fire is working much better.

«In almost 90% of cases the fire is stopped 15-20 minutes after the treatment,» — said Petrenko.

We will remind, on December 24, invaders disrupted the regular arrangement about the mode of silence in the Donbass. Before this several days of fierce fighting on the arc Svetlodarsk. Also forces ATO entered in Novoluganskoe, and installed a roadblock.

Five Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the ATO area during the day. Intelligence reports 18 dead militants for a week 26.12.2016

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