Five defendants in the «case of Bank» has declared suspicions

The Odessa Prosecutor’s office has created an interagency group composed of staff of Prosecutor’s office, SBU, the national police and the SFS, which will continue to investigate commenced criminal proceedings related to illegal machinations with oil of PAO «Odessa oil refinery».

On Thursday, February 2, said at a briefing the Prosecutor of Odessa region Oleg Zhuchenko, adding that «it is reported about suspicion, three customs officials and two representatives of private entities», transfers «UKRINFORM».

«Thanks to the cooperation of law enforcement bodies managed to expose the illicit machinations of a group of persons related by Sergey Kurchenko. In particular, it was found that the losses from committed illegitimate actions of oil products reach 1 billion 200 million UAH», — said Zhuchenko.

He recalled that the petroleum products imported into the territory of Ukraine in transit and re-export after processing at the refinery. Petroleum products to be transported outside Ukraine, in fact, remained in the territory of the state, and illegally implemented in the Ukrainian market.

«Thus, it was implemented on the territory of Ukraine more than 800 thousand tons of oil products, and caused the state losses from illegal acts made up of 1 billion 200 million UAH. Of course, to operate the scheme in Kurchenko and his entourage could not without the involvement of many senior officials of the SFS, in particular the customs and tax authorities», — stated the Prosecutor.

In addition, it was involved in a number of fictitious companies, which were alleged to provide its services and petroleum-refining, and transport and storage of petroleum products and also in the further transportation of these petroleum products outside Ukraine.

2 Feb it is reported about suspicion, three state inspectors of the Odessa customs, SFSU who is charged with forgery of official documents, abuse of office and aiding and abetting in the evasion of taxes in especially large sizes. And before the same is reported about suspicion to two officials of a private company, registered in the Reni district who have abused their official position. Is wanted and the organizer of the criminal scheme Serhiy Kurchenko, said Zhuchenko.

According to Zhuchenko, the Prosecutor’s office takes measures that the state incurred losses in 2012-2014 had been recovered. And the list of persons to be prosecuted, will soon be expanded at the expense of those senior officials who were involved in this scheme were covered up abuse.

As reported, 18 January the Kyiv court of Appeals confirmed the measure fugitive businessman Sergei Kurchenko in absentia arrest upheld the decision of Pechersky district court of the capital.

Five defendants in the «case of Bank» has declared suspicions 03.02.2017

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