Five cities will take Lviv garbage

At the meeting of the Commission on emergency situations of the Lvov regional state administration on Wednesday identified five landfills in the region, where during the week you have to take out the garbage from the city.

It is reported

In particular, agreed to accept the waste, the representatives of Drogobych, Chervonograd, Borislav, Nikolaev and Sambora.

«The regional Board ordered the heads of local authorities to enter into agreements with the city to take out the accumulated volumes of waste from the city landfills region. The deadline of cleaning the city seven days,» — said the head of the regional state administration Oleg sinyutka.

At the same time, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy doubt that the garbage will be able to take out during the week due to overcrowding in landfills. According to him, Drohobych and Boryslav had previously taken the garbage from the city, however these are not sufficient to solve the problem. In particular, their polygons took one or two car garbage a day.

During the meeting, the Garden also offered to send appeals and to export waste to other landfills outside the region. However sinyutka assured that the situation is under control. Representatives of six firms-carriers have also said it is ready to take out the trash.

We will note, recently the media reported that the Garden has addressed the city administration of Lublin, Poland with a request to pick up garbage in Lviv.

Problems with garbage removal from Lviv have been going on for several months. May 29, 2016 in the village of Velyki hrybovychi where is Lviv landfill, the fire started. The fire was soon extinguished, but the next day, a landslide occurred and under the rubble were four people — three rescuers and the employee of the municipal enterprise. The bodies of three of those people are found, and the fourth body could not be found.

SEL Great Grabovica after the incident, banned the lions take out the trash to the dump. After that, the city began to export waste to various landfills in the region and other regions.

Five cities will take Lviv garbage 25.01.2017

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