Five APU fighters were killed and 14 wounded in the fighting for Avdeyevka «candy bar» per day

Five servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed forces were killed and fourteen were injured and injuries over the past day in the zone of ATO in the Donbass, what the vast majority of incurred losses in the fighting in Avdeevka, according to the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Col.

«Over the past day in the fighting, according to preliminary information, five Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 14 were wounded and injured. Almost all of the losses of the Ukrainian troops suffered during heavy fighting in Avdeevka», — he said at a briefing on Monday afternoon in Kyiv.

The speaker of the defense Ministry of Ukraine said that heavy fighting started in the area of Avdeyevka at about 5 a.m. Sunday, when the enemy launched a massive shelling of the Ukrainian positions with mortars and cannon artillery, after which the militants went on the offensive and attacked the positions of ATO two assault groups, but retreated.

«Building on the success and preventing further aggressive actions of militants ATO forces captured one of the advanced positions of the illegal armed groups. Later the enemy made another attempt to attack, which also failed. After this the enemy tried to attack, focusing on the firing of heavy weapons,» reminded Motuzyanik.

However, he informed the speaker of the Ukrainian defense Ministry, during the fighting for Avdeyevka industrial zone, the enemy intensified on the flanks. In particular, during morning twilight the enemy tried to attack ATO forces, occupying a position between the Heater and the settlement Kruta Balka. The battle lasted one hour. After a few hours on the same lines, the IAF organized a 2 mortar shelling, firing more than 30 min.

Later, after 13.00 on Sunday, the militants attacked the position of «mine «Butovka» from the village of Spartacus. «It was a diversionary attack, to spray the ATO forces and complicate the management of troops in the fighting for Avdeyevka industrial Park. This aggressive provocation also failed for the militants,» said Matusevich.

In the end, he concluded, on Sunday the battle for the industrial area of Avdiivka lasted continuously for 19 hours. «Thus, according to the centre’s estimates, there have been several hundred shells and mines. the Fighting did not end, and continued today. It is precisely known that the Russian occupation troops continue shelling of ATO forces with mortars, tanks and guns, and pulled to the front of the jet artillery», — said the speaker of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

He also informed that according to the estimates of military intelligence (Glavupravlenie intelligence Ministry of defense), Sunday in the industrial area of Avdeyevka the enemy suffered heavy losses: «15 invaders eliminated, 24 injured». Among the victims were members of illegal armed groups, reminded Motuzyanik, Kombat fighters — Ivan balakay (call sign «Greek»).

In turn, in exploration, noted that, despite significant losses among the personnel of Makiivka regiment, the command of the militants hiding information in order to predotvratit further deterioration of morale in the subordinate units of the occupation forces.

Amid heavy fighting in the town has worsened the situation and in other areas. In the Trinity, Zaitseva, Verhnetoretskom and Experienced fighters organized a massive mortar shelling. They all occurred in the second half of the day. Also from the fortifications of «Volvo-center» to the Ukrainian positions in Peski moved the tank almost an hour and fired.

Answering the question about the situation in the town as of Monday, Motuzyanik said: «the Situation in Avdiivka the industrial complex. The enemy continues to bombard our positions with heavy artillery and mortars. However, our military are in their positions and ready to repel the enemy.»

In the press center of the ATO headquarters also announced that as a result of enemy shelling on Monday morning in the area of Avdeyevka killed two Ukrainian soldiers and five others were injured.

During the briefing Motuzyanik, confirmed that during the fighting in the industrial area of Avdeyevka Ukrainian soldiers captured 3 militants, two of whom died during capture. «This information is untrue. Today in captivity is one member of illegal armed formations», — said the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO.

The detainee appeared the citizen of Ukraine from the city of Makeyevka, Donetsk region, 1988 year of birth. He was a member of illegal groups of fighters «East». The unit was the operator of the installation ATGM. The detainee transferred to SBU and give testimony. He opened proceedings under article 258-3 of the Ukrainian Criminal code — terrorism.

29 January in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone in the morning, the militants carried assault to capture the position of APU. Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and five wounded. Also as a result of shelling wounded two civilians. Avdeevka lost power.

As of Monday morning fighting in the vicinity of the Town continues. This was reported by the press officer of the brigade, located at the positions of Elena Mokrenchuk. According to her, the militants used heavy prohibited weapons, including shells of 120 mm and 152 mm Mokrenchuk added that the shelling across the line of demarcation from the airport to the Donetsk Yasynuvata interchange.

Five APU fighters were killed and 14 wounded in the fighting for Avdeyevka «candy bar» per day 30.01.2017

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