Fish denied entry to Thailand

Russians arrested in Pattaya for conducting sex-training, deported from Thailand and banned them from entering the country. This was stated in the Thai immigration police, reports the Bangkok Post.

All detainees, including model Fish Nastya (Anastasia Vashkevich) remain in detention.

According to the Deputy chief of police station Chonburi province of Avatcha, Nongbua, after the trial of the Russians will make a black list. What is the term of Russian citizens denied entry into the country is unknown.

Police arrested 10 Russians for illegally conducting sex-training on February 25. Among them was a Fish and her «sex mentor» Alexander Kirillov known as Alex Leslie.

The Russian Embassy in Thailand said that the detainees in Pattaya, the organizers of the illegal «sex-training» deported from Thailand.

Local legislation stipulates the punishment for illegal employment in the form of deprivation of liberty for up to two years or a fine of up to 100 thousand baht (more than $3 million). Typically, the Thai authorities are limited to a fine and deportation.

On 27 February, the police of Pattaya has refused to release on bail during the preliminary inquiry, Vashukevich and Kirillov. After that Fish was released on bond from prison and promised to give the American press a «missing puzzle» to demonstrate the relationship of the Russian deputies with political strategist Paul Manafort and President of the United States Donald trump and «all the hype in the elections in the United States.»

Fish denied entry to Thailand 28.02.2018

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