Firth refused further cooperation with woody Allen

British actor Colin Firth has said that it no longer intends to work with American Director woody Allen, whose adopted daughter was accused of sexually abusing her at age seven. About Firth said in comments to The Guardian.

«I’m not going to work with him,» said Firth.

The actor played the main role in the film Allen’s «magic in the moonlight», which was released in 2014.

The adopted daughter of Allen, Dylan Farrow in the TV channel CBS told the details of sexual abuse of her at age seven. The Director said that he never molested his daughter.

Actors Timothy Salama, Rebecca Hall and Griffin Newman expressed regret in connection with the decision to participate in the movie «a Rainy day in new York city» directed by Allen and donated their fees from the film in funds to combat sexual violence.

The Director was supported by Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.

Firth refused further cooperation with woody Allen 19.01.2018

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