First Deputy head of ”Renaissance” Pilipenko: the Increase in pensions proposed by the government is a matter of physical survival

The party ”Renaissance” explained that he voted for the government draft of pension reform, as the increase in pensions this autumn is a matter of survival. This was stated by first Deputy head of political power Vladimir Pilipenko, the website of the party.

He added that the pension reform, the envisaged bill No. 6614 on amendments to some legislative acts regarding the improvement of pensions, requires a serious revision, and that at the meeting with the government, members of the group voiced their demands to the document.

«In our parliamentary group had a long and difficult discussion. We weighed the pros and cons. A number of deputies raised the question about what we should think about those for whom the increase in pensions proposed by the government – the question of physical survival. The delay of the increase of pensions for another year or two these people do not physically survive. This position eventually took up. So we voted the increase of pensions from 1 October 2017. The shortcomings of the pension reform Groisman (Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman. – ”GORDON») it is absolutely obvious and we already developed amendments to the pension reform. In autumn, we will insist that they were considered for the second reading of the bill. We can say that during the voting the MPs chose the lesser of two evils,» said Pilipenko.

”Renaissance” has prepared amendments for the second reading and will insist that the bill excluded the provisions on the replacement of pensions to social assistance for people with experience less than 15 years and a «hybrid» raising the retirement age and seniority to 35 years. Also in the party believe that it is necessary to maintain special conditions of retirement for people in difficult jobs.

«During the vote for the pension reform we put at the forefront of the decision to increase pensions in Ukraine. Indeed, pension reform government provides for the recalculation and increase of pensions for 12 million Ukrainians. And we believe that this decision should have been made a long time ago because the minimum pension is 50$, which was officially established in Ukraine – it is not normal for any European country, nor for any other», – said the first Deputy head of the party.

13 July the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading voted for pension reform. Her project the Cabinet approved on 17 may. Pension reform, in particular, implies the elimination of restrictions on pensions for working pensioners, the abolition of the special conditions of retirement, the gradual elimination of the deficit of the Pension Fund and more. The explanatory note says that in order to reduce dependency on the joint system is proposed to link the age that gives the right to retirement, with insurance experience.

As stated in Parliament, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, the adoption of the reforms will lead to the increase of pensions to 9 million Ukrainians.

For the bill in the first reading from the band ”Revival” voted 25 deputies.

First Deputy head of ”Renaissance” Pilipenko: the Increase in pensions proposed by the government is a matter of physical survival 24.07.2017

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