«First channel» of Russia twice «by mistake» used the frame from a computer game in the stories about Syria

February 25 «the First channel» of Russia in the program «Sunday times» used the frame from a computer game ArmA 3 in the story about the war in Syria. The use of a screenshot from the game was noticed by the users of Pikabu.

One of the users noticed that the Federal channel is already used by the game for another story about Syria in April 2016.

The story with the scenes from a computer game aired 25 Feb. It is dedicated to the greetings of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin soldiers from 23 February and died in Syria, the Russian military Alexander Prokhorenko.

To this frame of ArmA 3, you used the «First channel» in the story, also dedicated to Prokhorenko.

Director of distribution developer Bohemia Interactive ArmA 3 OTA Bertacco told RBC that the company was given permission to use their materials in this way. He noted that the corresponding frame is sent to the legal Department for further proceedings.

In a press-service «the First channel» has told on air of radio station «Moscow speaking» that the frame appeared in the air because of an error then.

«The use of this frame was a mistake then, who took it from the archive. Previously this frame was used in the story associated with computer games,» – said the TV channel.

14 November 2017, the defense Ministry has published a series of black and white photos that were supposedly made on November 9 in the vicinity of the city of Abu Kemal in Syria. Research group Conflict Intelligence Team noticed that one picture is a screenshot from the mobile game, and the other is from the video of the defense Ministry of Iraq.

In September 2014 the «First channel» Russia has shown in the historical transmission of a poster of a computer game Team Fortress 2. On TV it was presented as a propaganda leaflet of the U.S. early XX century.

«First channel» of Russia twice «by mistake» used the frame from a computer game in the stories about Syria 26.02.2018

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