Fired Secretary of Severodonetsk city Council is preparing a revenge for the mayor — Tuk

Fired a few days ago from the post of Secretary of Severodonetsk city Council ex-the regional Igor Butkov mobilizes MPs under his control to declare distrust to the mayor Valentin Kazakov</b>.

About a possible course of events in the city on his page in Facebook said the head of Lugansk regional military-civil administration Georgy Tuka.

«Resting my forehead in the «Protocol on corruption» and, taking off from such a soft arm-chairs, Mr. Butkov has decided to strike back: trying to organize the city Council the process of mistrust to the mayor. The mayor, who gave up seven deputies. The mayor, who refused to agree to the position of Secretary of the Board Mr. Butkov. Thus, Mr. Butkov&With trying to get the mayor to check to agree to stupid demands,» writes Tuck.

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George Tukay published on 5 February 2016.

The Governor adds that Butkov and tries to accuse him of acts of corruption connected with reconstruction of four damaged bridges in the outskirts of Severodonetsk. «It turns out: bridges – urban funds – urban projects – urban. And stealing – Tuk! Says Pavel Zhebrivsky: stole it or stole it is unknown. But the theft was!», — Tuck summed up the meaning of the charges against him.

As reported, Severodonetsk businessman Igor Butkov after the last election, successfully gained to his side by several members of the «democratic» direction, actually personally appointed himself Secretary of the city Council. The second step was, again contrary to the regulations, the mayor Valentin Kosakowo (incidentally, the same ex-«regional» and Butkov), as many as seven deputies. Kozakov was forced to appeal against this decision in session court.

Today the work of the city Council virtually paralysed; some primary decisions that affect the livelihoods of the urban economy, for six months pending adoption.

Fired Secretary of Severodonetsk city Council is preparing a revenge for the mayor — Tuk 06.02.2016

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