Finland is ready to support a visa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine and Georgia

Finland is prepared to support the granting of a visa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine and Georgia, however, cannot currently support visa-free for Turkey and Kosovo.
This was stated by the Secretary of state of Finland Olli-Pekka Heinonen, reports Yle.

As noted by Heinonen, Turkey and Kosovo has not fulfilled all the conditions of visa-free regime with the EU and therefore remains an open question.

«The issue of introducing a visa-free regime for Turkey remains open» – so the Finnish Secretary of state, commented on the results of the meeting of the interior Ministers of the EU, which took place on June 10.

However, according to Heinonen, Finland is ready to immediately grant visa-free regime for Ukraine and Georgia because these countries have fulfilled all the conditions.

It is known that introduction of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU postponed at least until autumn, but it is possible and further delays.

Earlier it became known that at a scheduled meeting in Luxembourg the Council of EU at level of heads the Ministry of interior (on 10 June) question regarding a visa for Ukraine simply will not be put to the vote.

Earlier it was reported that some member countries of the EU want to synchronize the decision of the Ukrainian visa with other, more large-scale solutions – in particular, a common mechanism of suspending visa-free.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU confirmed in Brussels to discuss the transfer of the visa-free decision with respect to Ukraine.

Representatives from several member countries have made harsh statements, in particular, the interior Minister of France said that visa-free for Ukraine – is not a question of the next months.

Recall, the Commission decided to divide Georgia and Ukraine in the process of visa liberalization. Official Kiev, unlike Tbilisi, has still not complied with the two obligations concerning the conditions for cancellation of visas. We are talking about the formation of the National Agency for prevention of corruption and the adoption of effective legislation regarding the electronic Declaration of income of politicians and officials.

As reported, on 20 April the European Commission announced that it has proposed to the European Parliament and the EU Council to abolish visas for citizens of Ukraine.

This proposal is a consequence of the positive evaluation provided by the European Commission in December last year, in which, in particular, confirmed that Ukraine has fulfilled all criteria under the action Plan on visa liberalization.

On 20 may, the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Jan Tombinski said that the introduction of the EU visa regime for Ukraine, which should take the European Parliament is going according to plan, and information about delays there.

Visa working group of the European Council will continue discussion of the proposal of the European Commission to provide Ukraine a visa-free regime at the next meeting on June 14.

Finland is ready to support a visa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine and Georgia 11.06.2016

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