Financial Times. The West should not trade for Ukraine on Russian assistance in Syria (editorial)

Cooperation with Russia in the fight against ISIL has a specific meaning, writes The Financial Times in an editorial. «But this cooperation should clearly describe, it must have its own basic rules and pursue agreed goals. Importantly, this cooperation should not include any ugly compromises about the intervention of Moscow in Ukraine’s Affairs,» recommends edition.

FT sets out his vision, under what conditions can the Alliance between Russia and the West against ISIL. Russia should promise that will strikes on the ISIS positions. Another condition: «Although all efforts will be made to keep the state institutions of Syria, any settlement must involve the resignation of President Assad, even at the end of the transition period».

You want the regime and the rebels (apart from ISIS) made a truce. The publication advises Russia to «force the regime to abandon the drop «barrel bombs» in areas controlled by the rebels», and create for Syrian refugees a «safe zone» in North-Western Syria that is free from ISIL».

But President Putin has appointed its own price for Russian cooperation, said the newspaper: the upper house of the Russian Parliament this week warned that «unilateral sanctions weaken the capacity of the international community in countering terrorism». «The EU and the US should absolutely make clear that sanctions imposed on Ukraine will be cancelled only in case if Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreement of February,» the article says.

Putin wants to make Russia one of the powers with their own spheres of influence, which should dominate global politics. In this regard, the newspaper says: «a General offensive on Islamist terror, perhaps, maybe, but the West cannot compromise about their values of the XXI century. Can’t be return to great-power politics of a bygone era: the section of territories and spheres of influence to which Putin clearly and frighteningly committed».

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Financial Times. The West should not trade for Ukraine on Russian assistance in Syria (editorial) 23.11.2015

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