Financial Times. Nadezhda Savchenko: a new factor in Ukrainian politics

In the section on the website beyondbrics Financial Times expert on Ukrainian politics, Taras Kuzio in his commentary talks about the reasons of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to release Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, and the impact it will have on the internal politics of Ukraine.

According to Cusio, Putin, freeing Savchenko, had two key objectives.

«The first goal was to ublagotvorit the opinion of Europe on the eve of discussions on the extension of European sanctions against Russia. American and European officials have stated that sanctions will not be lifted until Russia fulfills the terms of the Minsk agreements of Feb 2015. They’re farther away, the more you begin to look doomed to failure,» writes Cusio. In his opinion, «if Poroshenko will yield to the demands of Putin, Russia will support the Ukrainian military, which, as we heard in the area of ATO, said about the possibility to take decisive measures» to stop the separatists.

«Poroshenko feels threatened by volunteers, nationalists, military and veterans, who represent a new force in Ukrainian politics and make up 15% of the electorate,» says Kuzio.

«The second and more important reason for Putin is to enhance the existing in Ukraine political instability. As shown by a new poll, most Ukrainians believe that the President should resign after the «Panama scandal» has revealed the existence of his offshore companies. The party «Batkivshchyna», headed by Yulia Tymoshenko with the accession Savchenko charged with new energy», — the expert continues. «Tymoshenko is the most popular politician in Ukraine.»

Hope Savchenko — member of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defense, so that military and security forces personnel will listen to her. Not a single officer or soldier of those with whom we spoke to in the ATO, does not support Poroshenko,» reports Cusio. According to him, the discontent of the soldiers for three things.

«First, it is the desire to «complete the revolution» — an idea supported Savchenko, who participated in the Euromaidan protests, writes Cusio. — Ukrainian citizens and soldiers don’t believe in Poroshenko’s commitment to three important ideals of the Euromaidan — justice, the fight against corruption at the top and introducing the rule of law».

«Secondly, the soldiers at the front supply volunteers», while the Ukrainian citizens oppose the meager level of supply and corruption in the elite of the army the 11.7 billion dollars that each year are sent from Ukraine to offshore.

«Third, the current state of «neither peace nor war» undermines the morale of soldiers», — said in comments the expert.

As sums up Taras Kuzio, attempts by Poroshenko to buy time «quickly run out of steam under pressure, on the one hand, Russia and the West, require to go for bad deal, and, on the other hand, Savchenko, civil society, soldiers and veterans of the military actions that seek to complete the revolution and to prevent any political betrayal».

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Financial Times. Nadezhda Savchenko: a new factor in Ukrainian politics 07.06.2016

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