Filatov took the oath of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk and had a fight with «Samopomich» – is accused of violation of the procedure

Today, November 27, at the first session of the seventh convocation of the Dnipropetrovsk city Council, newly elected mayor Boris Filatov took the oath. The oath also brought all 64 members of the city Council, elected in local elections on October 25, reports UNIAN.

The Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk city electoral Commission Valentin Tankulic gave Filatov the identity of the mayor. Of the city Council session hall was filled with people, the national anthem performed live by the orchestra.

At the same time, the MP from the faction «Samopomich» Artem Hop fields stated that the meeting and signed by the mayor decision will be illegitimate, because the Supreme Rada voted for addition of Filatov mandate of the Deputy of BP.

Khmilnyk has stated that his faction in protest leaves the session hall. The hall resounded to shouts of «Shame!» and «Filatov!»

The mayor himself told reporters that, according to the law, he wrote the application for addition of the mandate of the Deputy of BP a few days ago and the question is only, why Parliament did not decide on this statement.

During the session adjourned until next week.

During a briefing for journalists Filatov called on the leader of the political party «Samopomich» Andriy Sadovy to disband the faction «Samopomich» in Dnipropetrovsk city Council.

«I now make a political statement and call Garden to disband the faction of the «Samopomochi» in Dnipropetrovsk city Council, because the members of the faction colluded with the revanchists and their collaborators», — Filatov noted.

According to him, now in the city Council, in fact, creates «a broad coalition involving the «Samopomich, «Opposition bloc» and the party «Civil force».

Filatov has referred to the decision of the leader of the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko, which was dissolved in Krivoy Rog city Council faction of his party for the support of her Opposition bloc in the city Council.

Filatov said that he was ready for such a scenario in Dnipropetrovsk city Council. He stated that the party «DILL» will be blocked in the city Council with the «Block of Petro Poroshenko «Solidarity».

Filatov also said it will offer the post of Secretary of the Dnipropetrovsk city Council member of the faction «BPP «Solidarity» Camille Primakov.

Recall, extra fractional people’s Deputy, the candidate from the party «all-Ukrainian Union of patriots – DILL» Boris Filatov won the second round of elections of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk on November 15. Voted 184 874 thousand voters. His opponent, the representative of «Opposition block» Oleksandr Vilkulhas received the support of 158 752 thousand voters.

Filatov wrote a statement of resignation of the MP.

On 26 November the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has supported the draft resolution on early termination of his powers. For this decision voted for a total of 207 deputies from 316 registered in the session hall.

Filatov took the oath of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk and had a fight with «Samopomich» – is accused of violation of the procedure 27.11.2015

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