Filatov – critics: I carrion’t get it up

The mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov in Facebook called «the apotheosis of the Orgy» the representatives of the party «Opposition bloc» that they forced the mayor to implement the election program of Alexander Vilkul, who was a competitor Filatov on elections of the mayor.

«Made. They. Had all the power in the country. Four-fifths of the city Council of Dnepropetrovsk. Total control of the security forces. A dollar for eight. Pricey land. The rise of the economy. And have not completed any projects. No subways, no bypass, not even a lousy jump over the «Truth» (Avenue in the river. – «GORDON»). Destroyed the entire city electrotransport. Not bought any new trolley. Cut even a contact network on «Kommunar» (the residential area in the river. – «GORDON»)», – he wrote.

According to Filatov, «today, all this evil beats in epilepsy, tightens to itself dressed up in camouflage and Jude of Dill, exalted psychopaths and incompetents, is not really built in the lives of one infamous dog house.»

«They blow the same tune. And don’t even hide it. Of course, all of them pokrocila when they saw my flurry of activity which I have developed in all directions. Why I do not answer, you ask? It’s simple. On my carrion does not arise», – he said.

Filatov – critics: I carrion’t get it up 31.08.2017

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