Filatov about Corban: No heroes scarier than a frightened Jew

Businessman, former leader of the party DILL Gennady Korban is the most outstanding anti-crisis Manager in Ukraine. The opinion in the author’s program of Dmitry Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine» was expressed by the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov.

Answering the question of whether the Korban is the most prominent raider Ukraine, Filatov said, «you Know, he’s probably the most outstanding anti-crisis Manager».

«Let us return, again, to the linguistic philosophy and the meaning of the word «raider». I can say one thing: Gennady Korban never in my life have pushed weak, not tripped falling and never run hands in the budget. I mean, Yes, of course, he participated in a large number of corporate wars, but, you know, when he fought with Kolomoisky (businessman Igor Kolomoisky. – «GORDON») against Akhmetov (businessman Rinat Akhmetov. – «GORDON») or with Akhmetov against someone- if you can call it raiding?» – said the mayor of the Dnieper.

He added that he believes Korban fearless man. «No heroes scarier than a frightened Jew» – said Filatov.

Filatov: I was never Kolomoisky errand. To be completely honest, I don’t owe him anything. And he to me? Different can be considered Read the full text of the interview

31 Oct 2015 Korban was detained by employees of security service of Ukraine. The investigators of the General Prosecutor’s office informed him of suspicion in the kidnapping of the official, misappropriation and embezzlement of property, misappropriation of the vehicle.

Kolomoisky admitted that the arrest of Korban helped the then candidate of the party DILL Filatov to win in the second round of local elections in the river.

In April 2016, the Korban was sentenced to fifteen years probation on charges of kidnapping in 2014 the then head of the state Agency for land resources Sergei Rudik. At the end of August 2016 the Pechersky regional court of Kiev allowed Korban to travel to Israel for medical treatment.

12 September 2017 Korban said he intends to return soon to Ukraine.

Filatov about Corban: No heroes scarier than a frightened Jew 04.12.2017

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