Fighters 56 times during the day, opened fire from banned weapon, — the press center ATO

Pro-Russian armed gangs continue to fire at positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. During the last day recorded 56 shelling of line of defense from various types of weapons. About it reports a press-the ATO center in Facebook.

About an hour under Mariupol lasted direct combat the forces of ATO with the division of saboteurs

«Over the tense situation was far from Horlivka and Donetsk suburbs. The enemy employed rocket-propelled grenades of different systems and heavy machine guns on our strong points in Experienced, Avdeevka, Maryinka and the mine Butovka. In the area of Sand, the enemy opened fire from mortars. Near Gorlovka the enemy using rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms, has increasingly resorted to mortar shelling of the Ukrainian positions», — stated in the message.

«Our strong points in Leporidae and Maori 6 times were fired from mortars caliber 120mm, prohibited the Minsk agreements. Due to the fact that at night the enemy intensified the shelling of Leporidae and was shooting from different firing positions, several mortar calculations, the leadership of ATO forces in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, to ensure the safety of residents, forced to announce the temporary closure of the checkpoint of entry/exit in Leporidae», — stressed in the press center.

Note that the Ukrainian intelligence reports of the OSCE special mission information that the terrorists are trying to hide: on placement by militants of the outlawed weapons and the crimes of the militants – in particular, about the shooting of local residents.

Note that the main fighting in the area ATO turned in the direction of Donetsk – where gunmen committed a series of armed provocations on the stretch from Town to the Sand. In addition, intelligence indicated that in the area of Thorez began teaching tank and mechanized infantry units of the 1st army corps of the Russian occupation troops. After a long period of provocative shelling forces ATO yesterday’s situation at the separation line can be described as the fighting of low intensity.

The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that terrorist groups in the Donbas want to seize additional territory, but Ukraine is ready to fight back.

«If they violate the Minsk agreement and will behave aggressively go on the offensive, then we have something to say to them,» he said.

We will remind, on January 13, participants of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas agreed on the announcement of regime of silence, which was to be introduced immediately. Before that, in Minsk, on 22 December 2015 (the same day, when the militants entered the village of Kominternovo, located in the «grey zone» near Mariupol), an agreement was reached on a ceasefire on the night of December 23. However, 11 hours after reaching such agreement, the militants have used against the forces of ATO «Grad».

About an hour under Mariupol lasted direct combat the forces of ATO with the division of saboteurs

About an hour under Mariupol lasted direct combat forces ATO division «DNR». About it reports a site of the city of Mariupol.

According to the speaker sector «Mariupol» , Alexander Kindsfater, 1 February at 18:55 in the area of Pischevik was found diversionno-prospecting group «DNR», nominated to the positions of forces ATO.

A battle began, which lasted until 19:40.

Kindsfater said that the APU fire forced the enemy to retreat to their positions.

«21:25, 23:15, 23:17 the formation of «DNR» opened fire from grenade launchers and small arms on positions of Ukrainian law enforcers in the area of Marinci. Return fire APU is not revealed», — is spoken in the message.

It is noted that «information on victims among servicemen of Ukraine is specified».

Fighters 56 times during the day, opened fire from banned weapon, — the press center ATO 02.02.2016

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