Fighters 42 times per night broke the silence, beat the tank in the area Novotroitsk

During the last day recorded 42 attack, 29 in Donetsk, Mariupol and on 12 1 in Lugansk.

About it reports press-center of staff ATO.

On Svetlodarskoye arch enemy 6 times shelled strongholds of forces ATO in Leporidae — calibre mortars of 82 and 120 mm, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, and in Novgorod and Mayorsk — propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms.

Positions near Luhansk, Sands, and Verhneuralskogo Russian mercenaries fired from the AGS and machine guns of large caliber. And the fortifications near the Plant with a mortar and AGS.

On the Mariupol direction in the area Novotroitsk about 19.00 militants from a tank fired at positions of forces ATO 18 rounds and 25 minutes from mortars caliber 82 mm.

Defenders of Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Szerokiego and Russian Talakivka terrorists fired from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

It is also reported that Ukrainian soldiers in some cases opened fire in response to attacks by Russian occupants from small arms and grenade launchers.

As reported, the plant and its Eastern edge was the hot spot in the area of ATO last week. So, on March 10 the Ukrainian military personnel beat off attack of two sabotage-reconnaissance groups in the area of the Town and Trinity. Earlier, on 9 March, at the headquarters of ATO reported that the vicinity of the Town, the militants, disguised in the form of a Mat, made a mock attack in the direction of Yasynuvata interchanges with the purpose of discrediting the Ukrainian military. In addition, it was reported that the difficult situation remains on Svetlodarskoye arc along the perimeter of the occupied Horlivka, and on the front Avdeevka – Experienced – Sands.

Fighters 42 times per night broke the silence, beat the tank in the area Novotroitsk 15.03.2016

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